This job listing expired on Sep 20, 2023

Our shared technology team are looking for people with experience and passion for managing builds and integrations and improving deployment workflows. You have some background in, and knowledge of, software engineering and the general practices of development.

As a build engineer for Sports Interactive, you will be a forward thinking and proactive engineer charged with keeping the studio’s production environments stable and future facing. You will ensure the development teams and QA are provided with the best branch strategies and will be responsible for merging all environments.

Key Responsibilities

  • Improve developer and deployment workflow.
  • Improve build stability and help diagnose and fix build errors.
  • Minimise turnaround times of builds and automated tests.
  • Extend and maintain build and test systems for existing and new platforms.
  • Collaborate with all product and engineering teams across the studio, and work closely with DevOps and IT.
  • Ensure all versions of products for production are correct and stable.
  • Manage merging and branching processes and strategies.
  • Communicate status frequently to engineering and production teams.
  • Design and document new processes.

Knowledge, Skill & Experience

  • 2+ years professional experience in a build engineering role.
  • Good knowledge of scripting languages (e.g., Python, JavaScript).
  • Some knowledge of programming languages such as C++ or C#.
  • Development experience with Windows and macOS.
  • Experience with builds on and deployment to desktop (e.g., Windows,
  • macOS), mobile (e.g., iOS, Android) and console (e.g., Nintendo Switch, Xbox).
  • Experience with CI/CD (e.g., Jenkins), source control (e.g., Perforce), build IDEs & tool chains (e.g., Visual Studio, Xcode).
  • Highly motivated, autonomous, proactive and methodical problem solver with attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication skills.

Studio Overview

Sports Interactive (SI) is an ambitious development studio creating immersive sports management simulations. Since 1994, we’ve captivated a global pool of players with our iconic, BAFTA award-winning game, Football Manager. We’re a wholly owned subsidiary of SEGA having caught their attention in 2006 with our continuous critical and commercial success.

We’re a tenacious community, coming together at the Here East technology hub in Stratford, East London. Always expanding, the SI team takes on the gaming genre through a diverse array of disciplines. But no matter how big we dream, we keep our approach (and your schedule) flexible, creating a relaxed atmosphere where collaboration can thrive.

Working Here

We approach everything with passion, whether that’s making our mark on the gaming and football industries or doing our bit for the world around us. We want to share that outlook with everyone who shows up to work here each day.

We like our talent tenacious, so you can expect to surround yourself with other ambitious individuals bringing their A-game to many different disciplines. We know collaboration is the key to constantly topping our best, and encourage our people to fiercely realise their own personal potential.

We believe everyone matters, no matter which part of the business you’re in. Above all else, we’re a team. A team with a down-to-earth dynamic, that works and plays together. We have fun doing what we do; one of the many reasons we’re one of the best places to work in the UK games business ( 2021 Large studio category).

And if you want a work/life balance, we’re behind you. Because while we live to create extraordinary games, we know that’s not all you’ve got going on. You can trust that we always keep things in perspective, fostering an environment where work can be more than just a job.

Our flexible working culture gives team members the responsibility to optimise their workloads, with in-office, hybrid and remote working options. Even in countries where we don’t directly employ*, we’ll even explore what’s possible via third parties and do our best to accommodate location preferences.

And when you’re not here making the world’s best management games, there’s a top-class benefits package for permanent team members based in the UK, including gym membership, private health, and dental care, plus many more perks. For those permanent team members outside of the UK, we strive to offer equivalent and localised benefits. We’re also a London Living Wage employer and proudly boast one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry.

*We’re able to directly employ in the UK, Ireland, France, Sweden and Finland.

Inclusivity Matters

We’re proud to be an equal opportunities employer and encourage applications from any relevant candidate irrespective of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, religion, or belief. Our studio has disabled access and facilities.

This job description is an accurate reflection of the duties and responsibilities of the post as at the time of writing but will be changed from time to time as the job is a career development job which will be adjusted according to the progress of the job holder. It does not form part of the contract of employment.