As a Senior Environment artist, you will work hands-on with the game world, seeing it grow in front of your hands and eyes. Perhaps one day, you will be populating a riverside with beautiful rocks, the next crafting a story of what happened in a forgotten back alley behind a theatre.

At Sharkmob, we believe in a creative workflow making sure that everyone contributes to the final look and feel of the world. It is a team effort! As an environment artist, you will work alongside other World Art departments to create believable 3D environments. We have team-oriented communication and the ability to articulate ideas and questions within the team and other departments, which means being able to give and receive constructive feedback to ensure goals are met and deadlines are kept.

Your responsibility will essentially be building the foundation of the world with a focus on things like architecture, geology, and foliage, among many other things. Using cutting-edge UE tech, you will collaborate with the Tech and 3D Art teams to push visuals to new heights.


  • Creating high-poly and low-poly models for environmental objects. Anything from structures, terrain, vegetation, etc

  • Utilizing photo reference and or concept art

  • Capable of UV mapping efficient layouts that work well within the project constraints

  • Create game-ready assets that respect the technical limitations of the project

  • Work closely with other departments, such as level design or tech art, to ensure requirements are met

  • Make sure the assets built are usable in a world-building environment

  • Help troubleshoot and fix problems as they arise

Skills & Requirements

  • Previous experience with professional game projects.

  • Portfolio demonstrating commitment and passion to creating virtual worlds and the assets within them

  • Demonstrated modeling skills and experience in major 3D packages

  • Experience sculpting using software like Zbrush

  • Good understanding of the PBR material pipeline

  • A good understanding of baking and texturing using Substance Suite and Photoshop

  • Ability to resolve issues from a visual, technical, and production perspective

  • Basic level knowledge of shader creation


  • Proficiency with Unreal Engine

  • Knowledge of foliage creation

  • Experience working with procedural workflows

  • Game production experience

About us

Sharkmob was founded in 2017 and has offices in Malmö, Sweden, and London, UK. The studio develops AAA-quality games for PC and console, using the Unreal Engine to power its ambitions of taking multiplayer games to new heights. Our first game, Bloodhunt, was released last year and we are currently working on two proprietary, unannounced projects.

At Sharkmob, we are committed to building an inclusive team that represents diverse backgrounds, perspectives and skillsets – because we believe that helps us create great games. We welcome all candidates that are aligned with our core values of shared ownership, smart decisions and last but not least – having fun! We hope that you want to join us on our adventure and become a part of our crew. You can find more great perks of being a crew member. If you want to know more about Sharkmob and our projects, take a look at our homepage.