About Leetify

Leetify helps gamers track and share their accomplishments.

We provide our users with data-driven post-match reports for the matches they play in competitive video games. Our match reports help users understand how they perform, celebrate their best plays, and compare accomplishments with their friends.

Our goal is to help gamers enjoy their favorite games even more.

Why it's the perfect time to join

We've got great traction in our first game (Counter-Strike). Our CS product is used by more than 200k players every month and that user base is growing rapidly. Our users are extremely enthusiastic about the product we're building and we're keen to continue delivering a great product for them.

The company is at an inflection point where we are scaling from supporting just one game to multiple games. This comes with many interesting challenges from product, organization, and technical perspectives.

We're still only 12 people, but we are looking to grow to 25 people over the next 12 months. You'll be part of a small and cross-functional team with plenty of room to grow your career in a rapidly growing company. You'll have a big impact on the company's success.

Leetify's Culture

  • Transparency – We're big believers in transparency, both for the good and the bad. We share as much information as possible about our thinking, metrics, and plans so that you can make better decisions every day.
  • Remote – We're a fully remote team. Work from wherever you want within EMEA and the Americas, while enjoying our annual meetups with the team in fun locations.
  • Build a great company – We hire fantastic people from diverse backgrounds with plenty of ideas and encourage them to weigh in on any part of the company.

About the role

We're looking for a Product Manager to head Leetify's expansion into League of Legends. You will to a large extent be running a startup within our startup, as we like our game teams to work as independently from each other as possible.

You'll own the product, strategy, and roadmap for the LoL side in Leetify's product, working closely with other team members across design, engineering and growth.

You'll be talking to users, designing features, prioritizing the roadmap and managing the day-to-day workload for all other members of the LoL product team.

This role reports to the CEO and will coordinate with the PM for Counter-Strike to make sure users get a consistent experience with the Leetify product, regardless of the game they are playing at the moment.

Summary of responsibilities

  • Conduct user conversations and user research to better understand our users and how the Leetify product can be improved for them.
  • Brainstorm and design features that address the needs of users.
  • Ensure the data we generate is presented in an intuitive and accurate manner so it does not mislead users.
  • Update and prioritize roadmap on an ongoing basis, so designers and developers know what to work on next at any time.
  • Promote processes to help the rest of your team generate ideas for improving our product.
  • Be involved in our Discord's support & feedback forums to stay in touch with user feedback.
  • Keep an eye on product analytics through Mixpanel to determine what is working in the product and what isn't.
  • Be involved in hiring processes for the LoL product team.
  • Coordinate the day to day work of the developers and designers in Leetify’s LoL team, to make sure product development is going smoothly.

About you

We think that you're a product visionary with a never ending passion for building products users love.

You're passionate about talking to users and understanding their pain points, but creative enough to see beyond the solutions proposed by the users themselves to deliver something exceptional that the user could never have envisioned on their own. You like documenting these findings and sharing them with the team.

You like iterating on what you create, and you try not to let the good ideas distract you from the great ones. You understand that someone critiquing your ideas isn't someone critiquing you as a person.

You have a high level of familiarity with League of Legends and still play the game on a regular basis. You've been a part of the community for quite some time.

We expect that you have some experience building products at startups before, the earlier the stage of the startup the better. You thrive best when the waters are still uncharted.

Using quantitative data such as analytics (we use Mixpanel and Google Analytics) comes naturally to you, but your primary source of inspiration is user conversations. You love talking to users and find any opportunity to understand our users better and better inform your product decisions.

You're capable of managing the workload for a team. As a leader you take the time to involve your team in your thought process so that they can help contribute to the roadmap and enable them to question decisions on the features they are working on to improve the end result.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you're able to manage your own time effectively. Nobody is going to be looking closely over your shoulder, so a lot of the responsibility falls on you to stay productive (but also not burn yourself out!).

Sounds interesting?

If you think this role might be a good fit for you, then please don't hesitate to reach out!