This job listing expired on May 15, 2024

As a Senior Rigging Artist, you will work alongside and support the Animation Team creating character, vehicle, weapon rigs and tools needed to support a creative and efficient production pipeline.

Experience & Requirements

  • Creating/debugging character/prop rigs for various projects.

  • Character skinning or skinning direction.

  • Coordinating with character artists and animators, taking feedback on rigs and identifying areas to improve the creation of animation content.

  • Collaborating with technical team for scripting/plugin help when needed.

  • Character/animation project planning; identifying rigging requirements and how they will affect modelling/animation.

  • Staying up to date on latest rigging/animation methods/workflow, and animator efficiency.

  • Helping develop and maintain character facial rigs to support facial animation pipelines.

  • Participating in and supervising integration of the animation assets into the game engine.

Required Skills

  • Must be proficient in Maya & Max.

  • IK/FK blending, spline controls, expressions, animator-friendly control setups.

  • Facial Rigging (Joint based & blendshapes).

  • Animation clip & pose library creation/sharing.

  • Passion for animation, organized, team player.

  • Excellent in communication and resourcefulness in problem solving.

Additional Preferred Skills

  • Proficient in Blender.

  • Experience with MotionBuilder.

  • Houdini KineFX.

  • Animation experience.

  • English (Written and/or spoken).

  • Game engine (Unreal, Unity, etc) experience.