A Level Artist is responsible for designing, creating and implementing the game levels that form the gameplay experience. They work closely with the clients’ Game Designers & Art Director, our internal team of Artists, Project Managers, and Technical Artists to ensure the clients’ vision for the level is achieved to quality and on time. The Level Artist must also ensure that the levels are engaging and visually appealing, while still adhering to technical requirements, such as performance and optimization.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Understand and digest the game design documents to get a feel for the environments, objectives, atmospheres, story and style to create game levels that perfectly follow the clients’ visual references and respect their artistic directions

  • Discuss level content with internal team and set out time and planning estimates by order of priority

  • Take responsibility for your level, including organizing modelling and texturing needs, following up on progress and quality with the internal team

  • Integrate assets and textures into the level to enhance the overall picture effect and artistic atmosphere of the product

  • Ensure the levels are engaging, challenging and visually appealing, while still adhering to technical requirements, such as performance and optimization

  • Ensure art does not interfere with gameplay features and mechanics, such as enemy AI, level progression, puzzles, and scripted events

  • Playtest and refine the levels to ensure a high-quality gameplay experience for the player Create and maintain level design documentation and specifications

  • Troubleshoot technical issues and bugs related to level design


Social Insurance and Housing Fund, Annual Leave, thirteenth salary, Medical Check-up, Free shuttle, EAP Program

Experience & Requirements

  • More than 3 years of relevant work experience

  • Proficiency in industry-standard software, such as Unity or Unreal Engine. Ideally, experience with UE5 including Nanite and Lumen

  • Strong understanding of game design principles and mechanics

  • Great understanding of proportion, scale, perspective, lighting and color

  • Strong 3D modeling skills in Maya/Max and texturing skills in Substance Painter, Knowledge of additional software (ZBrush, Speedtree, World Machine, etc.) and trim textures and UDIMs

  • Understanding modular kit design, be able mentally break down concept art into modular component pieces

  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills A good team player, willing to work collaboratively and receive feedback and guidance from the rest of the team

  • Ability to manage time effectively and work under tight deadlines

  • Passion for video games and game development

  • Knowledge of scripting languages, such as C# or Python, is a plus

  • Ability to work within an established art style and detail-oriented

  • Excellent speaking and writing communication skills in English