For our Data Science Team at iBLOXX Studios, we are looking for experienced Game Economy Analyst, with a passion for translating numbers into great player experiences to design and to manage the systems that will encourage player retention and enhance their experience.

Game Economy Designer will work together with a multidisciplinary team to design, implement, and iterate on progression and monetization systems for our upcoming shooter game.


  • Design, prototype and improve the game economic systems to increase our main KPIs – Retention, Engagement, Monetization, Virality, on game & platform level

  • Recommend rewards and monetization game features to create an economic system to fulfill player needs

  • Designing and developing progression and economy-related features

  • Taking a player-first approach to progression and monetization, making sure that players are appropriately rewarded for the time, effort, and money they put into the game

  • Designing and balancing quantitative systems that provide an excellent experience for our players while remaining sustainable

  • Contribute to game features/systems design that compel and re-engage players

  • Collaborate with game designers on new game features to maximize short and long-term player engagement, and provide for monetization opportunities

  • Manage the economy and pricing of virtual goods; balance free content vs. paid currency in the game economy

  • Balance player experience and progression, both in skills, in-game progression and content release pacing

  • Produce reports highlighting through data the problematics of the games & recommend next steps/adjustments/new features to further improve KPIs

  • Keep up to date with market trends and do proactive analysis of economy tuning in relevant competitive products

  • Ability to model and simulate planned changes, overall sinks, and sources while anticipating downstream effects with post-launch analysis to ensure expected outcomes are reached


  • An avid gamer with a strong understanding of PC and mobile games (online, multiplayer, social, F2P)

  • Extremely robust logical and analytical thinking

  • Proven experience working with systems design on a live game

  • Detail-oriented and capable of providing specific solutions at each step of the process

  • Proficiency with tools for modelling and balancing quantitative design ( advanced understanding of Excel, Tableau )

  • Strong problem-solving skills

  • Strong communication and presentation skills (oral and written)

Nice to have:

  • Solid knowledge about blockchain and NFT

We are looking for talented, getting-things-done candidates with passion for design, animations and gaming.

If this opportunity sounds exciting , then please send your application along with your salary expectations via the email address attached below.