At Hypersonic Laboratories we're looking for a talented UE Programmer to join our team.

About Us

Hypersonic Labs aims to create the world's most immersive and expansive network of virtual worlds. We are a remote-first, international team backed by PLAY Ventures, Third Kind, GSR, Alex Chung (Founder of GIPHY) and others.

Hypersonic is working on HELIX, the ultimate open world sandbox. Build and play immersive massive worlds with incredible UE5-powered graphics and 1000+ players. From FPS games to RP servers to MMORPGs and social hubs, anything is possible in HELIX.

What's the Job?

You will work closely with our technical leadership to ship features and fix bugs in our Unreal Engine 5 based codebase. With your contributions, our HELIX platform will feature robust, readable code that provides a great experience for both end users and our platform creators.

Your responsibilities

  • Write clean, maintainable, and robust C++ code for gameplay systems and mechanics
  • Contribute to the architecture of the game code and maintain usable and performant code.
  • Debug and resolve technical issues, ensuring a smooth and polished gameplay experience.
  • Fix bugs and optimize code in existing systems
  • Improve existing gameplay systems
  • Document proprietary tools and systems
  • Experience working with characters systems
  • Experience working with animations and IK


  • 5+ years of Unreal Engine C++ programming experience.
  • Experience working on networked multiplayer games.
  • Strong grasp of game engine concepts.
  • Experience developing in a large codebase.
  • Excellent C++ skills.
  • Familiarity with scripting systems (Blueprints and Lua)
  • Strong knowledge of version control systems.
  • Self-motivated, strong work ethic, and able to work independently.
  • Online communication, team-collaboration skills, and English fluency.
  • Knowledge of multiple programming languages (c#, python, etc) is a plus.
  • Experience creating character and vehicle systems is a plus.

Apply for the job

Do you want to join our team? Then we'd love to hear about you!