This job listing expired on Apr 18, 2024

At Hypersonic Laboratories we're looking for a talented Lead Technical Artist to join our team.

About Us

Hypersonic Labs aims to create the world's most immersive and expansive network of virtual worlds. We are a remote-first, international team backed by PLAY Ventures, Third Kind, GSR, Alex Chung (Founder of GIPHY) and others.

Hypersonic is working on HELIX, the ultimate open world sandbox. Build and play immersive massive worlds with incredible UE5-powered graphics and 1000+ players. From FPS games to RP servers to MMORPGs and social hubs, anything is possible in HELIX.

About the job

Your expertise will be crucial in optimizing workflows, ensuring seamless integration of art assets within our projects and overviewing technical quality of Unreal Engine environments, characters and assets.


  • Maintain a balance between the creative vision of the projects and the technical budget restraints.
  • Work with outsourcing art production teams.
  • Optimize content for memory and performance gains
  • Be aware of potential risks to the project and bring them to the attention of management.
  • Ensure that artistic assets align with technical specifications.
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and emerging technologies to continually improve and innovate the artistic process.
  • Ensure that produced and integrated assets meet the quality standards, including optimization.
  • Provide team members with ongoing and meaningful feedback on performance and development
  • Maintain efficient collaboration between the team members and other dependent teams
  • Collaborate with artists to develop art production workflows and technologies for creating high-quality art with limited resources.
  • Share knowledge and recommend best practices.


  • 5+ years games industry experience.
  • Strong Unreal Engine 5 and optimization knowledge.
  • Strong experience with shaders in Unreal Engine.
  • Experience as a Technical Artist on an Unreal Engine project.
  • Experience with procedural generation software tools (e.g. Houdini)
  • Strong communication and leadership skills.
  • Knowledge of platform strengths and limitations
  • Good knowledge of multiple art and animation pipelines.
  • Decent knowledge of scripting/programming to create workflows and tools.
  • Online communication, team-collaboration skills, and English fluency.
  • VFX knowledge is a plus.

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