Shared Game Services (SGS) provides core platform services to all games published by Garena. Services include but are not limited to authentication, payment, and mobile SDK.

We are a dedicated and passionate team of product managers, designers and engineers committed to building a platform that is scalable and robust for high volume, while ensuring reliable and localized user experience for our users. We’re looking for a QA Engineer to join us, to explore, execute, iterate, and deliver seamless services for users around the world.

Job Description

  • Conduct Quality Assurance (QA) process to test the products, including both internal products and external products that will directly affect Garena players’ user experience.

  • Critically involved in and contributing to the whole software development lifecycle, including requirement analysis, test planning, test execution, defect tracking, product delivery and maintenance.

  • Speed up feature launch and go-live process by collaborating with other teams, product managers, developers and DevOps to inspect and report issues about design, optimization, and implementation of our products.

  • Ensure minimum bugs/defects to safeguard smooth and optimal user experience by performing black/gray-box testing, automation testing, load testing, regression testing and other testing of product quality on various platforms.

  • Staying updated on the latest testing tools and methodologies and sharing QA best practices.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related fields.

  • Able to design and implement manual testing cases.

  • Familiarity with server and mobile operating systems, such as Linux/Unix, iOS, Android.

  • Programming experience in at least one modern programming language such as Python, Java, golang, understanding the basic algorithms.

  • Familiarity with automated testing tools and frameworks for client-server application.

  • Experience writing code to test UIs, APIs, front-end systems is preferred;

  • Experience in android, ios automation testing is preferred.

  • Experience in QA or relevant is preferred

  • Good working attitude, problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills.