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We are looking for an experienced and passionate Technical Artist, ideally with AAA experience, to be part of our Tech Art Team and help us deliver our ambitious and exciting AAA project of a world-famous IP made in Unreal Engine 5.

Our team is currently working on a brand new and ambitious project for next-gen consoles and PCs created in Unreal Engine 5, and we are looking for a full-time Technical Artist who will be supporting the creation and integration of art-driven tools and graphical features.

As a Technical Artist, your primary focus will be on implementing tools, systems, materials and understanding and configuring various Unreal rendering techniques (Lighting, Shadow, Lumen, Nanite, Virtual Textures, Streaming, Post-process, etc…) to improve performance and correct use of technology for maximum productivity. You’ll help teams deliver visual direction with value while having optimization and stable game performance in mind. Collaborating with the art team to address and document performance issues will be another key part of your role.

You will collaborate closely with artists, engineers, and fellow technical artists, focusing on both immediate solutions and long-term improvements to art processes and game performance. We need someone who can work well with others, has a great attitude toward working as a team, and is eager to improve the work of others.


  • Create systems and art-driven tools that enable Art teams to deliver the creative vision effectively

  • With the help of the production team and your Lead, prioritize the development and integration of tools that enhance artistic workflows and efficiency. This involves identifying the most impactful areas for tool development in consultation with the art team

  • Create master standardized materials for specific assets, such as characters, environment assets, and effects

  • Work with Technical Directors, Technical Art Directors, and Art Directors to develop content performance plans, profile performance, monitor asset budgets, and provide performance guidance based on established metrics and methods

  • Enforce good practices, performance guidelines, and shared responsibilities within the art teams

  • Collaborate closely with other departments to support content or Art creation pipelines and runtime implementations of TechArt for game mechanics

  • Deliver the prototyping of features, systems, and TechArt content

  • Be the expert technical voice in design meetings and deliver art-directable features

  • Be the owner of tools, systems, and the documentation of tech limitations and tools

  • Helped the Studio Tech Art Director standardize TechArt and Art Production studio-wide

  • Keeping the Tech Art & Art team guidelines up to date

  • Support artists in troubleshooting roadblocks and documenting them for future reference

  • Collaborate with other Technical Art partners across the company and collaborators to develop and share pipelines and best practices

  • Be another mentor within the TechArt team, sharing knowledge and best practices, with your colleagues, especially in your areas of specialization like Unreal Engine 5's advanced features, to uplift the overall skill set of the team


  • Fluid English, spoken and written

  • Ability to speak up and express your ideas, opinions, worries, and concerns in a professional manner

  • A keen eye for technical problems and solutions and the ability to improve its technical skills

  • Proven knowledge of 2D, 3D, and animation packages and pipelines

  • Experience in full-cycle asset creation pipelines in at least one industry standard DCC

  • Unreal Engine Experience and Familiarity with UE4/UE5 Blueprints and other features

  • Familiarity with UE4/5 materials logic, pipeline, and best practices

  • Familiarity with UE4/5 Niagara VFX logic, pipeline, and best practices

  • Ability to prototype TA features, solutions, and pipelines

  • Ability to integrate complex graphical features into gameplay mechanics when needed

  • Familiarity with optimization techniques, profiling, and real-time performance

  • Excellent communication skills, so you can teach and mentor artists and collaborate with other teams


  • At least one year of experience in game development as a 3D artist in any specialty (Environment, props, characters) plus technical art experience

  • Familiarity with Houdini

  • Coding in C++, HLSL, or Python language

  • Excellent knowledge of physically based rendering (PBR)