This job listing expired on May 29, 2024


Flying Wild Hog: where gaming is our second nature and adventure is our middle name! We're not your typical game developers. We're passionate gamers turned creators, crafting worlds that'll blow your socks off! From "Hard Reset" to "Shadow Warrior" and "Evil West," we live for heart-pounding action and immersive experiences. But we're not stopping there! We're gamers at heart and know the gaming community is our lifeblood. So, whether you're a pro or a casual player, join us for a wild ride through gaming heaven. With Flying Wild Hog, you're in for a gaming adventure!


As a Junior IT Supporter, you will work with every Hog in the company. You will get to work on many sides of IT (from small tasks to big projects such as stocktaking or events). We are looking for a tech-savvy team player with a passion for games and IT.


  • Provide daily IT support by responding to requests from employees, addressing technical issues and troubleshooting problems

  • Conduct routine maintenance tasks on hardware and software systems to ensure optimal performance and longevity of IT equipment.

  • Assist in stocking to help maintain accurate records of IT assets, including hardware, software licenses, and peripherals.

  • Monitor system performance and network connectivity, implementing proactive measures to address potential bottlenecks or security vulnerabilities.

  • Develop and maintain documentation of IT policies and procedures to standardise practices and facilitate knowledge sharing among team members.

  • Actively participate in team meetings and brainstorming sessions to contribute insights and ideas for improving IT infrastructure and service delivery.


  • Flexible to travel between Kraków and Rzeszów.

  • Basic understanding of Windows and IT equipment.

  • Willing to learn hardware and software troubleshooting.

  • Positive attitude. Good communication.

  • Customer-focused. Cool under pressure.

  • Tech-savvy. Team player.

  • Fluent in Polish and English.

  • Self-reliant. Good at organising.

  • Eager to learn and stay updated.


  • You can enjoy private medical care (fully financed by the employer) and a sports card (FitProfit card)

  • You can develop further by joining the Hogs Academy

  • You can count on professional mental health support

  • You will benefit from language lessons (Polish and English)

  • Freely plan your working hours - core hours 11:00-16:00

  • You will have a real impact on various aspects of the game. We create games together, and your opinion is important to us