This job listing expired on Apr 11, 2023

Esports Charts is a Ukrainian IT company that provides world-known esports and streaming data services. We also own Streams Charts, streaming analytics platform that provides a comprehensive insight into the streaming market. We collect viewership statistics of all live broadcasts worldwide and create unique analytics.

A few facts:

  • We provide data to teams, tournament operators, streaming agencies, influencers, brands and game publishers all over the world

  • We deal with tables up to 50 billion rows, filling them with data from dozens of platforms

  • We possess the most detailed statistics about streaming that you can find in web

Every day we publish articles in our news sections about different esports disciplines and streaming events, varying from small tournaments to major leagues, from minor announcements to overviewing global market trends.

We are looking for an aspiring editor from Europe to work on news and features both on Esports Charts and Streams Charts.

What do we expect from a candidate:

  • Excellent knowledge of written English at a level not lower than level B2 (upper-intermediate).

  • You need to understand the difference between total watch time and a concurrent audience, as well as be ready to get acquainted with new viewer activity metrics and actively use them in your work.

  • You are familiar with the streaming and esports industry: you know how Valorant esports scene differs from CS:GO, how LoL esports circuit changed over the years, which organization Tarik represents and who’s the most popular female Twitch streamer.

  • You’re not afraid of teamwork, on which our company is based.

Even better if:

  • You have a proven record of English-first publishing

  • Worked with big gaming and lifestyle media before

  • You follow various esports disciplines & streaming activities around the world.

What's ahead:

  • Ability to write a wide variety of analytical materials using our extensive database.

  • An excellent opportunity to develop both journalistic and analytical skills.

  • Regular work on infotainment content, mostly news & features based on statistics from our database.

  • Collaboration with our analytical, design, and content teams.

    If you have relevant experience, we issue test tasks to candidates. If we are satisfied with the level of test performance, we will contact you for an interview where we will fill in the gaps and discuss previous work experience about how and where you worked.

    Based on the results of the interview, we provide you with an offer, if not, then we will definitely give you feedback.

    Looking forward to receive your resume with article examples!