As a Narrative Designer at CaptureAge, you will be working as part of an integrated narrative and level design team on ambitious narrative-driven projects in Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology. You will require excellent writing skills (particularly dialogue) and the ability to conduct historical research, as well as the design knowledge to be able to represent history and narrative through game mechanics and level design.

The role will also offer exciting opportunities to give input on art, sound, game design, UI, and other areas of our content. As such, this is a role suited to a passionate individual, with both the drive and the skills to push a strong narrative vision throughout our projects.

Key responsibilities

  • Write high-quality dialogue, cutscenes, and any non-dialogue text (UI text, objectives, hints, etc.)

  • Create coherent narratives and strong characters based on historical research

  • Contribute to the design of game mechanics and levels, representing history and narrative through RTS gameplay

  • More generally, give input on the UX, pacing, and gameplay of levels


  • Professional experience in game development is a major plus, but may be overlooked if a candidate shows evidence of exceptional ability

  • Experience demonstrating teamwork and research skills


  • Outstanding writing skills

  • Strong research skills

  • Understanding of game design principles

  • Strong attention to detail and communication skills

  • Self-organised; able to work to tight deadlines and balance creativity with production considerations

Application Process

Please answer our form, briefly outlining why you are interested in this role and why your experience and skills make you a good fit. Please also upload a portfolio of work that demonstrates your skills. To demonstrate your attention to detail, include the phrase “Professional Scout” somewhere when filling the application form.

About CaptureAge

CaptureAge is a company that grew out of the Age of Empires community and is now partnered with Xbox Game Studios to provide game development services in AAA titles like Age of Empires II and Age of Empires IV. We have a small (35+) but growing team of passionate game developers, from artists to software engineers.

Inclusivity and Fairness

The people making games should be as diverse as the people playing them and we encourage applications from all backgrounds and identities. As a fully remote and internationally distributed company we are a team that enjoys and celebrates a diversity of voices and perspectives.


Our compensation is determined by considering competitive market rates, experience, and cost of living. As a fully international company, we strive to ensure competitive compensation aligned with the local cost of living and market standards.

Fully Remote – Location / Time Zones

We are a fully remote company with team members in 15+ countries across many time zones. We prefer team members who fit within broadly American/African/European time zones (UTC-8 to UTC+3) but we are open to applications from anywhere.

Hours/Time Management

We have a flexible approach to time-management, and we believe in giving team members the opportunity to control their own schedules. We'd like to see a world in which work can fit around your life, not the other way around! In practice this means a few pre-agreed sync points a week, with the rest of your working time entirely up to you – we do not have mandatory core hours.

Async Biased

We lean towards async working arrangements and design our processes and working environment with this in mind.

Consensus Driven

We try to foster a genuinely collaborative and consensus driven approach to our work rather than top-down direction and micro-management.