We are seeking a talented Community Manager to join our team. The job will require creating and cultivating the 4A Games community and evangelizing the studio and our games.

  • Engage with, grow, and foster the diverse 4A Games’ community. Understand their concerns and desires, and relay those to relevant development teams.

  • Know the community, where they are, and speak their “language”, interacting with them constantly.

  • Know 4A Games’ titles past and present inside-and-out and evangelize them in any situation and to any audience. Be a professional fan.

  • Stay on top of news – from both the market and the industry. Learn from them and adjust community strategies accordingly.

  • Take note of all 4A mentions above and beyond. Identify those that require action, and develop successful plans to tackle unwanted scenarios.

  • Take the reins with internally focused initiatives to proactively envision, propose, and execute on expansion of the 4A Games studio brand, independent and inclusive of the games we make.

  • Work with publishing teams to create, manage, and execute community plans for 4A Games’ titles by engaging with internal departments and external agencies to create great content. Aim to expand the existing fan base and find new fans for 4A Games.

  • Work with and manage external vendors which contribute to our community efforts.

  • Work with publishing PR and marketing on community and digital media support plans.

  • Create content to use on social channels and during campaigns.

  • Understand the latest community software, platforms, and technologies. Be visible and helpful.

  • Identify and assist key influencers from across the 4A community. Work with them to build community initiatives.

  • Provide analytics and reports to measure the success of community initiatives.

  • Proactively inform other departments of potential issues and offer solutions to assist with problems.

  • Be confident and prepared to conduct on-camera interviews inside and outside the gaming industry. Potentially host livestream events and broadcasts, depending on overall community and marketing plans.

  • Support and attend trade, developer, and consumer shows with community presence, including on-site support and travel.


  • 2+ years of community or marketing management.

  • Bachelor degree in marketing, economics, business, psychology, media studies, communications, or similar.

  • Fluent English and fluent Ukrainian.

  • Experience in producing raw visual materials (e.g. photos, videos, etc.).

  • Skilled in Photoshop and Premier.

  • Skilled in Microsoft Office.

  • Strong writing skills.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Must be able to adopt appropriate tone and style in different messaging as required – have skills in diplomacy and negotiations.

  • Experience in handling and diffusing conflict within communities.

  • Proven ability to identify scenarios where a response is appropriate and avoiding scenarios that put fuel on fire.

  • A mindset aimed at growth. Entrepreneurial outlook. Able to see the community as part of bigger picture of the products, studio, and the industry.

  • Familiarity with Eastern European markets in addition to Western Europe and North America. South America and Asia are a plus.

  • Strong critical thinking skills – ability to evaluate situations from all possible angles, e.g. using SWOT.

  • Creative but also very analytical. Thinking twice before making something public or pursuing an idea.

  • Able to stay unaffected during community stress and negativity.

  • Able to work independently and as part of a team.

  • Must be willing and be able to travel.

  • A passion for gaming.


  • Previous PR, journalism, or media experience is a strong plus.

  • Another European language.

  • 10+ years’ experience playing games.

  • Web development experience is a major plus.

  • Wider knowledge of the shooter genre in general.

  • Experience with Confluence/Jira.