Is Unreal Engine 5 free and how do I download it? Explained


Can you download Unreal Engine 5 for free?

Yes, Unreal Engine 5 is free to download and use, and you don't have to pay any fees even if you officially release a game as long as you don't make more than $1 million USD.

If your released game that uses Unreal Engine generates more than one million dollars in revenue, you must pay Epic Games 5% of any future sales revenue in royalties for using the software.

If you decide to commercially release a title, you must fill out Epic's "Release Form”, which informs the developer that you intend to collect revenue from your project. More information can be found in Epic’s FAQ section regarding releases here.

Where can I download Unreal Engine 5?

Unreal Engine 5 can be installed using the Epic Games Launcher, which can be downloaded from Unreal Engine's official website or the Epic Games Store.

Both websites will detect the operating system on your device and download the appropriate launcher installer.

What operating systems does Unreal Engine 5 support?

Unreal Engine 5 can be installed on any PC running the 64-bit version of Windows 10 that also has a 2.5 GHz or faster quad-core Intel or AMD CPU and 8GB of RAM.

Mac is also supported, with devices running Intel CPUs requiring macOS Big Sur or later and Apple Silicon systems requiring macOS Monterey 12.5 or later.

Linux will require a little more power, with Epic only providing direct support for Ubuntu 18.04 or later, quad-core Intel or AMD CPUs running at 2.5 GHz or faster, and 32GB of RAM.