Community Management Jobs in the Video Game Industry: The Ultimate Quick Guide

Community Management Jobs in the Video Game Industry: The Ultimate Quick Guide


The video game industry is a rapidly growing field, with new technologies, platforms, and genres emerging constantly. As the industry evolves, so does the need for effective community management. Community managers play a vital role in the success of video game companies by fostering relationships between developers, players, and fans. This comprehensive guide to community management jobs in the video game industry will explore the roles, responsibilities, and opportunities in this exciting field.

The Importance of Community Management in the Video Game Industry

  • Fostering Player Engagement: A strong community is essential for the success of any video game, as it encourages player retention and growth. Community managers work to keep players engaged and excited about the game, which can help extend its lifespan and profitability.

  • Brand Loyalty and Trust: By maintaining a strong presence on social media platforms and engaging with fans, community managers can help build brand loyalty and trust. This not only helps drive sales but also creates a passionate fan base that can spread positive word of mouth about the game.

  • Crisis Management: The video game industry is not without its controversies, and community managers play a crucial role in handling these situations. By addressing player concerns, managing expectations, and maintaining open lines of communication, community managers can help mitigate any negative impact on the game's reputation.

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Community Manager in Gaming

  • Social Media Management: Community managers are responsible for managing the company's social media presence across various platforms, such as Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and more. They must create and schedule engaging content, respond to comments, and interact with fans to build a strong community.

  • Forum Moderation: Community managers often monitor and moderate online forums dedicated to their game or company. They ensure that discussions remain civil and productive while fostering a welcoming environment for players to engage in conversations.

  • Customer Support: Community managers serve as a liaison between the development team and the players. They address player concerns, troubleshoot issues, and escalate any critical problems to the appropriate team members.

  • Event Planning and Coordination: Many video game companies participate in industry events, such as conventions and trade shows. Community managers may be responsible for organizing and coordinating these events, as well as representing the company in various capacities.

  • Content Creation: Community managers often create blog posts, articles, or videos to keep players informed about the game's development and updates. This content helps maintain player interest and engagement, and can also serve as a valuable marketing tool.

Necessary Skills and Qualifications for Community Managers in the Video Game Industry

  • Strong Communication Skills: As the primary point of contact between the company and its community, community managers must be able to communicate effectively in both written and verbal formats.

  • Social Media Proficiency: Community managers must be comfortable using a variety of social media platforms and tools, and should understand the best practices for each platform to effectively engage with the audience.

  • Empathy and Patience: Dealing with frustrated or upset players is a common occurrence in community management. Community managers must be able to empathize with players, address their concerns, and remain patient in challenging situations.

  • Passion for the Video Game Industry: A genuine passion for the video game industry is essential for community managers. This enthusiasm helps them connect with players and understand their needs, while also allowing them to stay informed about industry trends and developments.

  • Organizational and Time Management Skills: Community managers must be able to multitask and manage their time effectively to keep up with the demands of their role. This includes scheduling content, moderating forums, and coordinating events.

How to Land a Community Management Job in the Video Game Industry

  • Networking: Networking is crucial for finding ​​job opportunities in the video game industry. Attend industry events, such as conventions and trade shows, and engage with professionals on social media platforms. Join online forums, LinkedIn groups, or Discord servers to connect with others in the field and stay informed about job openings.

  • Build Your Online Presence: Create a professional social media presence that showcases your passion for the video game industry, as well as your communication and content creation skills. Employers often look for candidates with a strong online presence, as it demonstrates their ability to engage with the community and manage social media platforms effectively.

  • Develop a Portfolio: A portfolio is essential for showcasing your work in community management. Include examples of social media posts, forum moderation, blog posts, or videos you have created, as well as any events you have coordinated or participated in. This will help potential employers understand your capabilities and experience in community management.

  • Gain Relevant Experience: Experience is key in the video game industry. Consider internships, volunteer work, or part-time roles that involve community management, social media, or customer support. Building your experience in these areas by finding opportunities on Hitmarker will make you a more attractive candidate for a full-time community management role.

  • Stay Informed and Continue Learning: Keep up-to-date with industry trends, new platforms, and best practices in community management. Continuously improve your skills and knowledge by attending workshops, webinars, or online courses, and stay informed about new job opportunities through job boards and industry news websites.


Community management is a critical aspect of the video game industry, offering exciting opportunities for those passionate about games and skilled in communication and engagement. By understanding the roles and responsibilities of community managers, developing the necessary skills, and following the steps to land a job in the field, you can start your journey toward a rewarding career in community management within the video game industry.

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