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21st Oct 2018

Advertise your esports role

The more eyes you have on your job, the more applications. And the more applications, the better candidates you can find.

When it comes to advertising your esports job, there are a few key things to consider.

The first one, again, is budget. Ask yourself, do you have the capacity to pay to promote your role?

If you do, then you’re one of the lucky ones and you can hunt out some of the paid solutions that will help make sure your role hits as many eyes as possible, which is what it’s all about.

All major jobs sites (including our own) will have a way to get your job description in a featured position, but you’ll typically have to pay for the privilege! It can boost engagement enormously, though, and shows you’re serious about hiring the right person.

Secondly, you need to consider how dispersed you want the hiring process to be. If you don’t mind having to log in to a number of different jobs sites to view applications, then spreading your job description far and wide is definitely the way to go.

However, if you want to manage your hiring process from one place then you need to find the BEST solution for that purpose… uh oh, plug time!

We believe that we’re the best solution in esports, naturally, because we’re the only custom-built jobs site out there. We have an in-house development team working on new features every single day. Nobody else can say that. Finally, we also have the biggest esports candidate database, the most esports organizations signed up with us AND we post more esports jobs than anyone else. Okay, we’re done!

There are also other esports jobs websites out there, of course, and we’d never recommend making your hiring process too exclusive. Plus, as long as the likes of Indeed are as huge as they are, there is real value in using them too.

In addition to this AngelList is awesome for esports startups, LinkedIn is another great avenue for esports jobs these days, and you’ve also got social media at your disposal too. Essentially, as somebody looking to find esports staff, you want to publicise your role as much as possible - that goes without saying.

Even though advertising directly on Twitter goes against everything we believe about running a correct hiring process, we do understand why up-and-coming teams go down this route.

However, if you’ve taken the time to read to this point then please ONLY use Twitter to promote a job description you’ve posted on a proper channel, even if it’s one of our competitors. You can’t manage your hiring process from your DMs!

Now, if you’re working for a big enough esports organization then you may have an in-house solution for your hiring. In that case, your best bet is to post the job there and promote it through Twitter, but you should also reach out to jobs boards to see if they’d be willing to post your role, for free, with an external link to your own application flow. You’d be surprised at how many would!

Thirdly and finally, decide how long you wish to advertise the role for. This revolves around how long you can wait to get someone in the door and when you’ll be available to set tasks and/or conduct interviews further down the line.

So now you’ve got a job description and you’ve decided to advertise it somewhere (or everywhere) for a specified length of time, it’s time to manage the application process.

Image credits: DreamHack / Adela Sznajder

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