ZeniMax Online Studios is seeking a Lead Technical Designer to join our studio for the development of our next AAA game. This is a chance to join an experienced group of developers in pre-production for a new IP.

This role will architect and implement gameplay systems and mechanics, and hone them to industry-leading quality. Aside from designing technically complex gameplay systems, a developer in this role will collaborate closely with project engineers, artists, animators, and other designers to bring gameplay to life.


  • Oversee tech design team and direction of project vision

  • Design and create modular gameplay components which will be used to propagate gameplay features throughout the world

  • Write scripts utilizing component API to facilitate gameplay implementation in an entity component system (ECS) based engine

  • Collaborate with feature teams on the designs of systems and mechanics with a focus on usability and implementation approach

  • Help establish script implementation standards and best practices

  • Work with engineers on expanding the capabilities of the scripting system

  • Contribute and maintain script utilities to facilitate content building using scripts

  • Provide strong direction for user workflows and usability in tools and pipeline development

  • Advocate for tech design as a critical role in game development


  • 8+ years related experience

  • Expertise in programming or developing in a visual scripting system

  • Solid gameplay design fundamentals with an understanding of what makes gameplay fun

  • Ability to work collaboratively in a cross-discipline development environment

  • Familiarity with the many types of assets from which a game is built

  • Comfortable with a development schedule that is playtest-driven and focused on iteration and polish

  • Strong understanding of the discrete elements game systems are built from, and the ability to problem solve both holistically and on a per-component basis

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills required

  • An online portfolio which clearly demonstrates relevant work experience

Preferred Skills

  • Experience developing Open World games

  • Familiarity with third-person action or roleplaying games

  • Familiarity with Entity Component System (ECS) architectures

  • Experience in animation, UI programming, creating or using shaders, or FX systems

  • Strong public speaking skills