To be a part of Virtuos means to be a creator and aim at excellence.

At Virtuos, we harness the latest technologies to make video games better and more immersive than ever before. That is why we pride ourselves in constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility since our founding in 2004.

Virtuosi are a team of experts – people who have come together to share their mutual passion for producing high-quality games. People who share the same enthusiasm in exploring new ideas and the constant drive to excel in their field. People who believe in earning success through dedication.

As a group, Virtuos has become a recognized leader in its field, has been growing faster than its peers have in recent years, and is pursuing an aggressive global expansion strategy. To this end, we are seeking an experienced Senior Graphics Engineer who can join our team and help pave the way towards our new goals.


  • Implement graphic api wrapper for different platforms

  • Implement required visual features with art, pipeline team

  • Optimize the GPU load to meet the budget

  • Analyze/ resolve visual bugs by using GPU capture tools


You must:

  • Familiar with at least one graphic API (OGL/D11/…)

  • Familiar with at least one shader language (HLSL/GLSL/…)

  • Familiar with 3D mathematics (Matrix, Vector, BRDF…)

You should:

  • Have knowledge of the modern rendering pipeline (forward rendering/deferred rendering/shadow/AA/AO/GI…)

  • Know the methodology of CPU and GPU profiling , optimizing and debug


  • Have experience in Console ( PS3, PS4, X360, XboxOne, Wii ... ) development

  • Familiar with multithreading rendering •Familiar with one of famous game engine including but not limit UE4, Unity, Cryengine