One thing we have at Valve is data. Lots and lots of data. We're looking for an experienced statistician who can use that data to help us make better decisions and improve our customers' experiences. Intrigued?

Valve is an entertainment and technology company driven to design and deliver world-class entertainment experiences to customers. We hire people with broad skill sets who also exhibit deep expertise. Statisticians at Valve contribute to a wide variety of initiatives across the company. Like all Valve employees, you will be trusted to prioritize your work in collaboration with your peers.

Here are a few of the things that you might do as a statistician at Valve:

  • Design, develop, and validate statistical models to explain past behavior and to predict future behavior in Valve's products
  • Improve Valve's existing metrics collection and analysis techniques to expand the range of questions we're able to explore
  • Uncover latent trends in customer behavior to improve existing products and inspire new features
  • Provide quantitative rationale to inform group decision-making processes



  • A Graduate degree in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or a related field
  • Substantial experience with statistics and data modeling in an applied context
  • Knowledge of statistical techniques to build predictive models


  • Proficiency writing and shipping SQL code in a large-scale relational database environment
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as C++, SQL, and PHP