Well known for creating #1 marble shooter games – Woka Woka and Viola’s Quest – we've gathered 30 million players worldwide. Innovation lies within the team and the knowledge of our employees is what powers the change and enables us to present different approaches to the gaming scene. Player-centric, led by innovation and focused on technology, Two Desperados explores the usage of artificial intelligence in the gaming industry.

We are looking for a Lead Software Engineer to join our team. Working as part of our Development team, your key responsibilities will be to organize teamwork, set goals, priorities and uphold a high technical standard. You will set direction for the team in partnership with the Development Lead. You will also collaborate with the Product team to develop and execute the team’s roadmap in a timely manner.

What you'll be doing:

  • Propagate company and development vision, goals and pillars throughout the team to achieve alignment with them and set clear expectations;

  • Responsibility for your team’s quality of work and establishing best coding practices;

  • Understanding of work process improvements (such as refactoring, pair programming, code review, task management, documentation, etc.) and reasons behind them;

  • Detecting challenges in the work process, suggesting and leading the implementation of the changes needed for the optimal work efficiency;

  • Ensure optimum time efficiency and quality of work by using good planning methods;

  • Support team members in acquiring new skills and planning improvement of work;

  • Ensure the software your team creates is healthy, focus on improving it and know where the most technical debt and legacy code is;

  • Lead your team by example by closely following principles and practices development is committed to, while also advocating for and participating in continuous learning;

  • Work closely with the development lead and senior leaders to prioritize resource needs while directing and motivating developers on his team;

  • Inform the development lead and all stakeholders about release and feature plans, challenges, risks and timelines;

  • Aid in planning product development and timelines.

What we are looking for:

  • 5+ years of experience in software development with at least 1 year as lead;

  • Experience in Unity game engine;

  • Experience in backend development;

  • Advanced understanding of mobile app development;

  • Relational and non relational database experience;

  • Advanced knowledge of code version control;

  • Experience with managing performance and setting goals on team and individual level.

We are committed to developing and nurturing great teams, believing they drive creation of amazing games. We are dedicated to moving the boundaries of entertainment. Join our team as we are entering exciting growth times.

Send your CV and support us in creating entertaining moments and memorable experiences for millions of our players worldwide!