Your daily tasks:

  • creating and maintaining a network engine responsible for matchmaking and management of network packets,

  • integrating the game with various online services such as matchmaking, friends management and statistics tracking,

  • supporting the synchronization of gameplay state and mechanics between players in multiplayer sessions to enable a shared gameplay experience.

You meet our expectations if you have:

  • proficiency in C++ programming supported by practical experience,

  • knowledge of p2p and client-server architecture,

  • good team communication and collaboration skills,

  • good command of English,

  • passion for games and their creation.

Nice to have:

  • experience with online services solutions (PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, EOS, PlayFab),

  • fundamental knowledge of TCP/IP stack and low-level network APIs,

  • experience debugging and optimising network systems for optimal latency and bandwidth utilisation.