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Technical Designer

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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Wakefield

2020 is proving to be a breakthrough year for Team 17, having acquired a new development studio and shipped multiple titles already; we have seen the number of projects in development grow to the highest that they have been in the history of the label!

On the back of this continued success, we are looking to hire a Technical Designer join us as a technical specialist within unique perspective within design team; responsible for both liaising with the programming department on behalf of the Design team, as well as working in the game engine themselves to implement and prototype the best game content possible.

Responsible For:

  • Implementing, assisting with, or prototyping game content, logic, mechanics and systems
  • Work alongside the Programming team to advise on final implementations of their designed content, systems and mechanics.
  • Working proactively with the other members of the team, including the Producer, Lead Designer, and Creative Director to ensure that the design-related goals of the project are met in a timely manner
  • Ensuring a high quality of work on their assigned project, primarily from a game design point of view, with a technical eye but also sometimes including UI/UX work
  • Working with third party developers on the Team17 games label to ensure an appropriate level of support in assisting with the development of those games in design related tasks, and maintaining a high level of quality
  • The communication and championing of game content, concept and vision to artists, programmers, producers, marketing staff and all others involved in the development process
  • Presenting Team17 developed software to third parties, such as platform holders, press, or other development partners, either on Team17 premises, at the offices of platform holders, or at trade shows
  • Forming new ideas to contribute to both titles that are in development, and as the basis for ideas for wholly new games and IP

Key Skills:

The successful candidate must be able to describe their vision for a game (or elements of a game) to designers, artists, programmers, producers, marketing staff, and others involved in the development process. A technical game designer specialises in the implementation of game logic, systems and mechanics. The role will also require strong technical skills with industry standard tools such as the Unity or Unreal Engines. Showing passion for the technology that allows them to create engaging experiences for the people that play, this means keeping up to date with the latest technology, trends and techniques. They should, of course, be passionate about games and the games industry, actively playing and enjoying games. Applicants should be able to judge a game objectively and be willing to offer feedback to developers. They must be a good communicator and be able to work within a team. Excellent communication,β€―both written and verbalβ€―presentational skills A deep understanding of either the Unity or Unreal engines (preferably Unreal)

  • Experience of developing and implementing gameplay mechanics
  • Experience of development using C# and/or blueprint, or equivalent Information design and user interface design skills
  • The ability to work with people and accept feedback and criticism, utilising good interpersonal skills Imagination and creativity
  • An energetic and flexible approach to work
  • Good time management skills, working to deadlines but with a high level of attention to detail and commitment to delivering quality work
  • At least one year experience, preferably in a technical role
  • At least one prior shipped title