The SuperAwesome Mission

SuperAwesome is building a safer internet for the next generation. We’ve pioneered the tech sector for youth audiences: creating solutions that enable brands and developers to engage safely and at scale with kids and teens. SuperAwesome technology powers over 12 billion digital touchpoints with young audiences across rich media and video ads, creator content, social communities, gaming, and parental consent. We are the biggest youth-focused tech team on the planet, solving the challenges of engagement with the under-20 audience. At the intersection of technology, law, media and policy, working with us gives you a chance to shape what the internet of the future looks like. As a part of Epic Games since September 2021, together we’ve opened up a whole new window of opportunity to create responsible, immersive digital experiences for kids and teens. It’s a unique, challenging, and rewarding environment.

Joining the Epic Games family is propelling the kidtech sector to new heights. Our teams are growing rapidly and we’re hiring a Software Engineer to take our products to the next level of scale.

As a Software Engineer at SuperAwesome your main responsibilities will be three-fold: you’ll act as a hands-on mentor who can lead teammates by example, you will keep the quality bar high by continuously evolving the system while keeping it simple, and you will focus on having the highest impact on the product.

What You'll Do

You will join one of our product teams as an owner of one of our products, these include AwesomeAds, Kids Web Services, PopJam and Rukkaz, as well as internal facing teams.

You will work closely with the Tech Lead and the other engineers in your team to define the appropriate technical approach, metrics, and timelines. You will have your say in the product roadmap and help the team and the Product Manager to make the most informed decisions to break down complex tech deliverables into simple and understandable user stories.

Quality is key for us, so you will ensure all product components are built to an appropriate level of quality for the stage (alpha/beta/production), deliver products using the appropriate level of testing and monitoring, fail fast, and learn and iterate frequently.

You will champion continuous improvement and always aim to improve the product your team owns and measure your impact with the appropriate tech, product, or delivery metrics.

Here’s what a typical day as an Engineer looks like:

You’ll work across the full stack depending on where you can drive the highest impact: back-end, front-end as well as testing and cloud infrastructure. You’ll work with your team to design and implement features and services for the product your team owns, and keep the design choices well documented and explained you’ll be a hands-on mentor and drive quality and reliability from the get go, lowering the complexity of the system You will master one or more domains and will break complex goals into simple and iterative deliverables. Commit to high-speed iterations, high code quality, and continuous improvement via agile processes and ensure long-term quality, scalability and maintainability of our systems

You’ll champion the DevOps culture, treat operations with a mission critical mindset, and support the live system in production, including participation in our out-of-hours on-call rota

Our stack is entirely cloud native, and it includes technologies such as AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Druid, Redis, ELK, Datadog, Pagerduty, Node.js and Typescript.

We wholeheartedly believe a good engineer can pick up any new technology in a reasonable amount of time and you’ll be given training and help during your onboarding to become fully proficient with our stack. What we expect you to already have is good will, as well as a deep understanding of full-stack software development life-cycle, DevOps methodologies, testing, and tooling. In short, please apply if you are interested in working with our stack! As soon as you join you will have an on-boarding plan tailored to you, challenging and bringing you up to speed.

We’ll ask you about your previous experiences building large and complex high-throughput web systems, and we’ll hear the stories you’ll be willing to share about microservices, event-driven architectures, databases, or any tech challenge you’ve enjoyed.

We’ll want to know how you went about improving the quality, security, scalability, and observability of the products you worked on, and how you would try to repeat that success at SuperAwesome. DevOps practices are an integral part of our culture, and we’ll want to hear what aspect of them you prefer, and what worked well for you out of the box, or how you adapted them to your needs. In a nutshell, we’re looking for a great engineer, and we’ll do our best to identify the greatness in you.

About you as a person:

  • You think about things critically - we’re the first to do what we do in this industry, so you’ll come across new problems every day

  • You’ll fearlessly attack problems - we think the tools you know now are secondary to having the mindset to fix things, i.e. you’re a problem solver and not just a builder

  • You like working in a team - we have an agile development environment and get stuff done together in multi-disciplinary teams

  • You’re flexible and adaptable - we have multiple teams working on complementary but different products, so you’ll thrive on variety

About your skills:

  • You are proficient in backend and frontend development, and you have experience developing large and complex web applications and building high throughput systems with microservices and/or event-driven architectures and both relational and non-relational databases.

Our people are at the heart of what we do and the driving force behind our growth and success. We value individuality and understand the importance of building a workplace where everyone can truly belong. We believe that supporting everyone to be their full selves helps them to reach their potential, that’s why we offer competitive benefits, perks and learning opportunities. We have employee resource groups in place for mental health and DEI helping to ensure everyone can truly be ‘SuperAwesome’, helping us to build a safer internet for the next generation!