The SuperAwesome Mission

SuperAwesome is building a safer internet for the next generation. We’ve pioneered the tech sector for youth audiences: creating solutions that enable brands and developers to engage safely and at scale with kids and teens. SuperAwesome technology powers over 12 billion digital touchpoints with young audiences across rich media and video ads, creator content, social communities, gaming, and parental consent. We are the biggest youth-focused tech team on the planet, solving the challenges of engagement with the under-20 audience. At the intersection of technology, law, media and policy, working with us gives you a chance to shape what the internet of the future looks like. As a part of Epic Games since September 2021, together we’ve opened up a whole new window of opportunity to create responsible, immersive digital experiences for kids and teens. It’s a unique, challenging, and rewarding environment.


What You'll Do

You come from an engineering background, and this is not your first gig as an Engineering Manager or Team Lead. You have plenty of stories to tell about how you established strong bonds with Product Managers, Tech Leads and Engineers, and about how you prefer to manage stakeholders.

You are comfortable with managing a team of engineers (5-7 people) both at an individual level and in a group setting. You love to coach each of them to their next level of growth and provide them with honest and actionable feedback .You actively work to enable the best outcomes by managing the team dynamics, resources, and skills.

In This Role You Will

  • You will manage one of our infrastructure platform teams. These teams are responsible for creating the tools that enable the entire engineering team to follow good DevOps practices and have an enormous impact on the entire company.

  • You will own the team’s people strategy, and translate business objectives and product roadmaps into sound resourcing,training and delivery plans.

  • You will work closely with engineers, your tech lead and product manager to define the ideal processes and team configuration to deliver an innovative and easy to use platform

  • You will establish a strong relationship of mutual trust with each of your direct reports, and you’ll choose the right coaching and mentoring techniques to get them to their next level of growth.

  • You will help the team to embrace a culture of measurement and transparency where data is collected, updated and shared regularly, so as to enable everyone to make informed decisions. You will champion this culture, and distil your own and your teams’ outcomes into the appropriate KPIs.

What We're Looking For

  • You are a prioritisation and planning ninja - in Platform we often deal with a multitude of requests. We masterfully prioritise them and plan the work to manage the expectations of the stakeholders so that we can set realistic timelines, protecting the team from manual toil and safeguarding time for the engineering work.

  • You are obsessed with metrics - and you display it in all the aspects of your job, you strive to make data-driven decisions whenever possible.

  • You are an excellent communicator - the Platform supports a large number of internal and external stakeholders and you understand that timely, efficient communication is essential in nurturing relationships with both your stakeholders and your team

  • You love working with people - you really enjoy coaching people, supporting both emotional and professional needs to help them become the best version of themselves

  • You think about things critically - we’re the first to do what we do in this industry, so you’ll come across new problems every day

  • You’ll passionately tackle the team’s problems - we think the tools and practices you know now are secondary to having the mindset to improve how things are done, i.e. you’re a natural problem solver and you drive changes with passion

Our people are at the heart of what we do and the driving force behind our growth and success. We value individuality and understand the importance of building a workplace where everyone can truly belong. We believe that supporting everyone to be their full selves helps them to reach their potential, that’s why we offer competitive benefits, perks and learning opportunities. We have employee resource groups in place for mental health and DEI helping to ensure everyone can truly be ‘SuperAwesome’, helping us to build a safer internet for the next generation!