To be a part of Virtuos means to be a creator and aim at excellence.

At Virtuos, we harness the latest technologies to make video games better and more immersive than ever before. That is why we pride ourselves in constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility since our founding in 2004.

Virtuosi are a team of experts – people who have come together to share their mutual passion for producing high-quality games. People who share the same enthusiasm in exploring new ideas and the constant drive to excel in their field. People who believe in earning success through dedication.

As a group, Virtuos has become a recognized leader in its field, has been growing faster than its peers have in recent years, and is pursuing an aggressive global expansion strategy. To this end, we are seeking an experienced Cinematic Director who can join our team and help pave the way towards our new goals.

About the position

What you will do

Cinematic Direction requires an in depth knowledge and experience crafting a more exaggerated and expressive story, camera, and character animation style. The Cinematic Director will partner with the Line Producer to lead a cinematic team focused on achieving a high standard in term of narrative, Motion Capture performance, animation, cameras, and editing quality across all main story and gameplay focused cinematics.

Responsibilities will include (but are not limited to) working with storyboards, previz, motion capture, layout, and post-production to create a compelling narrative that can translate into an engaging cinematic experience. Working within a robust network of global studios, this role will require overseeing a pipeline to ensure direction, tone, and style meet the qualitative and creative goals of each project, and to work with the client to translate their creative vision into cinematic content that meets creative, qualitative and budgetary goals, and does so within fixed schedule.

Base yourself in this dynamic city and literally go anywhere is South East Asia for the weekend.


  • Develop, direct, and carry the cinematic creative vision, communicating that vision horizontally and vertically.

  • Responsible cinematic content across all disciplines: narrative, storyboarding, animatic, previz, mocap direction, layout, post processing, animation, editing, cinematography, lighting, VFX.

  • Build relationship with clients, address their concerns and complaints. Ensure that artistic decisions from both the client and the company adhere to budget and schedule.

  • Ensure consistency of tone and style as delivered from a network of global teams working together under the VTS umbrella, across the entire cinematic experience that matches the vision set by the client.

  • Oversee reviews, then organize and translate feedback from clients into actionable plans for the VTS team. Hold regular reviews and provide clear, meaningful feedback to members of the cinematic team.

  • Oversee Motion Capture Shoots and the Selects/Processing Post Shoot process.


Technical Skills and experience

  • 7+ years of credited CG directorial experience working in video game cinematics, with experience in cinematic cameras, motion capture, and real-time rendering (Unreal).

  • 5+ years of experience managing and directing sizeable CG teams, specifically beneficial if experience is with global teams.

  • Demonstrable abilities within cinematography and editorial

  • Proactive problem-solving skills; it is essential for this candidate to be able to creatively solve production difficulties and issues.

Beneficial Skills

  • Experience directing external animation teams, especially global teams.

  • Proficiency working with Maya.

  • Have experience preparing and co-directing mocap shoots.

  • Experience with Game Creation Tools (Unreal)

  • Experience with high action cinematics (superheroes, fighting games) is a plus.

  • Team-first mentality. Check the ego at the door and a high commitment to get the best quality into the game.