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(Closed) Marketing Outreach / Sales Executives

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🌎 Remote (Anywhere)

We are looking for charismatic individuals who have a gift of the gab and a natural ability to make other people feel at ease to represent our company.

For a brief explanation of why this role has emerged, we want you to put yourselves in our shoes:

Imagine you got a small bit of funding over a year ago. You've come up with a great idea that everyone loves. But you have huge competitors that have so much more money than you. Thankfully you're smarter than them and you consistently beat them at everything: getting a product build, trying out new ideas, getting users.

Now you're looking to make sure that your next product launch is a massive success. To do this once again you need to be smart. Your lazy and loaded competitors will just throw thousands of dollars at ads. Most people will ignore their ads but they have the pockets to run their campaigns for months on end and eventually a small percentage of people that watch their ads will become users.

You can't waste that amount of money... you don't have it!

What can you do?

Well we decided we would come up with a list of people that are interested in our product. We're recruiting for researchers who are going to build out our database. We will have the most comprehensive list of social media influencers, magazines, blogs, industry experts and anyone else that matters

Then we're going to hand that over to you and your job will be to promote Slips, create new opportunities and grow our community by sealing the deal with these people. We either want to persuade them to use our product or help promote us. Can you sell snow to an Eskimo?

Example tasks for this role will include:

  • Negotiating promotional/partnership deals
  • Discussing and selling the Slips vision to interested third parties
  • Creating your own opportunities through networking
  • Reaching out to external influencers and prospects on social media (Twitter/IG/Discord)

This might be an entry level role, but you will be contributing towards one of the most fundamental projects we have running this year and your efforts will save us thousands of dollars (that we don't have!). This is also the ideal way to get access to other paid jobs at Slips and become part of our efforts to turn esports upside down.

For more of an idea of what it's like to "work at Slips" - please take a look at our company profile.

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This job has been closed. Either the position has been filled or it is no longer active.