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Semper Victores Esports

Director of Media and Content

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Semper Victores Esports
🌎 Remote (Anywhere)

SEMVIC (β€œSemper Victores”) is a amateur gaming and content organization. Based in North America, the company was originally founded in 2017 by "Comedian" then rebranded in 2020.

The goal is to do things most other organizations don’t consider doing or have not considered. To be innovators, to go where no other organization has gone before. We want to be feared by many and praised by few. We want to be like the Spartans, feared warriors with the courage, determination and hunger to win and conquer.


This is currently an unpaid position, however there is potential for future compensation depending on the state of the organization. In the event that we are in the position to offer pay, a legally binding contract will be written up


Our current staff has run the community and organization off of pure determination, dedication and love for the Esports scene and all of us are proud to call Semper Victores Esports our home and be apart of the SEMVIC brotherhood. This is of utmost importance that our staff members are motivated to produce quality outcomes no matter the situation good or bad. Our staff are super competitive and we all expect each other to perform our given job at the best of our abilities. Our roles are all somehow connected to each other and one person not performing will affect our entire staff and the performance of our organization like dominoes.

We are searching for a passionate, determined, and dedicated candidate to be our Director of media. you will responsible for overseeing any digital media (twitch and Youtube) and establishing that protocols are followed as well as creating deadlines the Content Team must adhere to.


  • Oversee our Content Department (Content team, Video editors, designers, etc)
  • Create protocols for the content team to adhere to
  • Assist in making crucial decisions as part of the Management Team.
  • Oversee the Recruitment Process of Content Creators and Streamers
  • Oversee the recruitment process of Editors and Designers


  • 1 year + experience in management
  • Some form of experience in esports and/or content creation
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Attend all weekly meetings
  • Be able to write and speak English (other languages are preferred)
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