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Rarity Found

Esports Director

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Rarity Found
🌎 Remote (USA)

Rarity Found is an esports focussed company with a dedication to amateur esports, we strive to not only give a platform for players and teams to prove they are ready for professional play but to provide those who are not quite there the resources required to improve. That being said, our Esports Director is one of the most important job roles within the expanding team. We are at a pivotal point within the course of our growth and we need someone who can be a defining factor for our future. We have scarily-big roadmaps for the next 1-5 years and this will be a game-changing role for our future.

We preferably are looking for someone who is located and based in Florida.

We are looking for a new Esports Director to work with all part of the moving business and help propel us in the right direction for success. If you have extensive management and leadership experience with vast esports knowledge, this could be a perfect place for you.

Job Roles and Responsibilities

  • Planning any long-term and short-term plans for esports activities within Rarity Found
  • Operation plans and processes to speed up work routines in esports
  • Communicating changes in an order process to relevant parties
  • Ensure we are generating revenue and profits through select operations such as gaming lounges, sponsors, and introducing ideas with revenue as a key focus
  • Networking with larger teams, potential sponsors and esports enthusiasts
  • Setting up and managing sponsorship and partnership deals
  • Liaising frequently with other Esports Staff to develop events and plans for the future, and more
  • Liaising with the Marketing team to develop marketing campaigns
  • Researching and keeping a keen eye for a specific field of interest for the opportunity
  • Ensuring that revenue and profit is a key performance indicator in most operations we carry out
  • Ensuring numbers in terms of social gain are improving and keeping KPIs in check
  • Staff team engagement and involvement management
  • Creating budgets for different esports operations
  • Working with other Managers to ensure budgets are coordinated
  • Make important policy, planning and strategy decisions
  • Develop, and/or execute esports strategies and manage the execution of esports tournaments, events, and communication
  • Provide industry and local insights for North American and wider markets
  • Generate innovative ideas to build a healthy esports ecosystem and player community
  • Oversee and maintain esports staff and networks, and drive the design of the appropriate systems for each
  • Managing stock control and inventory checks in terms of all esports goods and tournament positions
  • Having a keen eye on budgets and budgetary changes
  • Oversee budgeting, reporting, planning and auditing
  • Creating and monitoring projects and teams
  • Supporting the CEO or executive team’s vision and process ideals
  • Help promote a company culture throughout the team at Rarity Found that encourages top performance and high morale
  • Build alliances and partnerships with other companies and organizations
  • Meet, set, and exceed agreed-upon key performance indicators for esports and programs
  • Report and deliver management level reports to board members and executives
  • Be on-demand for any issues or queries from team members
  • Report daily to executive teams and attend weekly catch-up and strategy calls


  • Experienced and knowledgeable in Esports
  • A keen eye for detail and perfection
  • Business Development knowledge
  • Someone is flexible, dedicated and driven. We ultimately need someone who is hungry for growth and success
  • Budgeting and finance management experience
  • Well connected in the Esports industry
  • Able to work in a developing and changing environment and provide for the team
  • Extensive knowledge of Excel, Word and similar software
  • Take the lead on design processes
  • Collect relevant and important data for presentation to board members
  • Good people skills
  • Leadership experience


  • Bilingual
  • Creative skills

Rarity Found is a growing Esports company that will offer you the chance to be apart of the growth by guiding the brands look for all aspects of the business. We are at a crucial turnaround in our company which means we have no room for training time. We need someone ready to dive in from day one!

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