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(Closed) Video Game Expert and/or Coach

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🌎 Remote (Anywhere)
$10 – $15 USD per hour

Hi there! We are pureskill.gg and we are making an AI coach for gamers.

We are expanding to games beyond our direct experience and need help understanding some games. We are experts in statistics, machine learning, AI, and data science and want to use that to help players get better at the games they care about.

We are looking for experienced players and coaches in the following games:

  • League of Legends
  • Fortnite
  • Rocket League
  • Overwatch
  • DOTA 2
  • CS:GO
  • Starcraft II
  • Any other game with a replay system

We analyze gameplay by extracting data from the replay files. Any serious and competitive game has a replay system where players can go back to evaluate their own gameplay and see what enemies were doing that was so effective. Since games like Apex Legends and Hearthstone do not have this kind of system, we cannot analyze those games. If there is a game that is competitive and has a replay system, feel free to apply for that game!

We’re looking for people ranked in the top 20% which for the games above would be Platnium IV in LoL, Platinum 1 in Rocket League, Diamond in Overwatch, Legend 3 in DOTA 2, MGE in CS:GO, and Diamond in SC II. If you fall below these ranks but are really passionate about the game, feel free to apply anyway!

This is a contract position paying $10-15/hr which is higher than what most coaches get through sites like gamersensei.com. This will require very little time, maybe a few hours a week, on an as-needed basis depending on your availability. This is a very flexible position! You will be helping us AI researchers understand game mechanics, what mistakes and problems people have, and what advice you would give to players struggling with certain aspects of the game. Even if you don't coach players, we believe people who have lots of experience can help us out!

In your cover letter, tell us about your gaming experience, number of years/hours played, any coaching experience you have (direct coaching exp not required), and anything else about video games you want us to know.

We aren’t requiring a resume because it is unlikely anyone has a gaming resume. If you have experience in a field like software development, computer science, math, science, or data science, that may be useful to us! In that case, be sure to add your normal resume/CV to your application.

We will be responding to applications starting after the job post closes in mid December. Due to the volume of responses it may take until the end of January to get to everyone.

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This job has been closed. Either the position has been filled or it is no longer active.