About ProbablyMonsters™ Studios

ProbablyMonsters Studios is a developer-led independent game company with the mission to unite, guide, and empower talented teams to create exceptional original games while thriving in stable and meaningful careers.

Our 3 studios are each developing an original game:

Firewalk™ is working on a new multiplayer IP to be exclusively published by PlayStation

Cauldron™ is developing a single-player, adventure-driven game

Our RPG Team is creating a next-gen co-op RPG

We recently announced the largest Series A raise in gaming history at $250 million, which provides our teams with the resources and creative environment needed to foster stable, rewarding, and life-long careers.

The Role

ProbablyMonsters is looking for a strong technical and collaborative Senior Tools Engineer, comfortable in dealing with ambiguity. You will join a team in the early stages of developing a new game, franchise, and studio. This is a unique opportunity where you get to help define a new game and make long lasting and impactful technical choices. We are looking for an innovative and forward-thinking teammate who will bring their own ideas, help the team continue prototyping new ideas, and build out to a shipping product.

We are seeking someone who is experienced in building tools for designers, artists, and engineers. Someone who has experience in writing tools which greatly multiply the productivity of the team. Someone with an eye for evaluating problems to determine if you should invest in new technology or utilizing existing solutions.

Who You Are

  • An exceptional engineer with experience building tools for game teams though all stages of development and servicing.
  • Unwavering in your desire to create a positive and inclusive work culture.
  • Excited to work with a growing team bringing your expertise and learning from other experienced developers.
  • Relishes in creating novel solutions to difficult problems, while understanding the value in the tried-and-true.
  • Collaborative; excited to learn, teach, and have discourse with professionals of all backgrounds.
  • Skilled at giving and receiving feedback on game development and interpersonal interactions.

What You Will Do

  • Design and implement tools which greatly multiply the productivity of the team.
  • Author prioritized tools roadmap to meet the needs of production and beyond.
  • Collaborate with designers, artists, QA, production, and engineers across the team to understand their needs, top pain points, and production bottlenecks.
  • Implement tools for areas such as world construction, character production, asset importing, and more.
  • Assist and mentor other engineers and team members.


  • 5 years of professional experience in the game industry as a software engineer.
  • Experience building tools used during the production of a game.
  • Practical knowledge of game asset pipelines and formats on disk and in memory.
  • Strong understanding and experience with C/C++ & C#.
  • Experience working with a team of diverse disciplines.

Bonus Points

  • Experience working within Unreal.
  • Experience shipping tools for a video game through all stages of development and servicing.
  • Experience with Digital Content Creation tools such as Photoshop, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender.
  • Experience with Python, Maya MEL, MAX Script.
  • Experience with content file formats such as FBX and Alembic.

Our commitment to you

  • A people-first culture founded on respect, trust, approachability, and accountability.
  • A stable home that values your potential, deeply cares about your work-life balance, and is committed to investing in your craft and long-term career.
  • Competitive benefits package including health and family benefits, employee assistance program, flexible and paid time off, financial benefits and professional and personal development.