We are looking for a Design Director within Action gameplay to lead our game design teams on an ambitious new game IP here in Melbourne Australia

As a Design Director, you’ll be an expert in the fundamentals of game design and be able to set vision for and deliver on core moment-to-moment gameplay. You will utilize your exceptional communication skills to ensure that the work of multiple teams developing action gameplay aligns to create cohesive, exciting, and clearly understandable gameplay. You will also ensure that the work of this area aligns with that of the wider design direction of the project.

Key Responsibilities

In this role, you’ll lead a team of Designers and will report directly to the CEO who oversees holistic design strategy. Collaborating within your craft, but also cross-functionally, you will direct and generate briefs for your Lead Designer to report and their teams, steering high-level vision and helping guide teams of complementary skills and abilities to deliver design ready to be experienced.

In this role you will… 

  • Demonstrate an implicit understanding of the fundamentals of Action gameplay, including combat, 3Cs, and AI

  • Direct the design of Action gameplay functionality in accordance with our overall design direction and creative vision

  • Lead a team of Lead Designers in their growth as leads, and help them reach their potential

  • Collaborate with transversal teams to integrate required features/requirements into paper designs and documentation

  • Generate briefs for and oversee the implementation of prototypes/proofs of concept and evaluate their performance

  • Working with the Gameplay Producer, develop plans and roadmaps that account for technical and production constraints

  • Help to identify and manage risk and uncertainty associated with Action gameplay

  • Ensure the follow-up after launch in order to improve, add, or sunset features

What You Bring To The Role

  • Have significant experience as a game designer on mechanics for Action gameplay (combat, traversal, encounters, game modes, etc.)

  • Are a natural leader who understands many aspects of game development and are able to unite a multidisciplinary team behind a creative vision

  • Know how to visualize behaviours and game situations on paper and best practices for prototyping iteratively

  • Are curious while analytical, alert to new developments and trends and know how to best propose changes by adhering to consumer expectations

  • Have a solid understanding of how to communicate effectively and know when to question yourself

  • Strong communication skills & from a range of different levels in the business.

Bonus Points!

  • Experience working within Unity3D.

  • Experience working on a range of platforms such as VR, PC and fp2 mobile.

  • Sound knowledge in analytics and product management.

  • Scripting experience.