We are the Technology team. We're responsible for the game engine, server code, and internal infrastructure platform (AWS, CI/CD, Automation, Production). There are over 100 people on our team, most of them senior specialists of various profiles (C++, JS, Python, DevOps).

We want to strengthen our management and are looking for an experienced specialist with a strong technical background who can both take over the technical management of game engine coding and be responsible for shaping the direction of its development.


  • technical management of game engine development

  • managing a group of technical directors responsible for the engine's various parts

  • selective immersion in the technical details of the engine's implementation

  • creating a vision for the game engine's development and coordinating it with the client (the game development team)

  • maintaining and improving the engine's technical production process

  • recruiting, training, and managing senior programmers and technical directors

Our values

Our goal is to provide the product development teams with a convenient, reliable, and fast framework for creating the best casual games on the mobile market. We believe that the development teams should focus on the product and let us handle the cutting-edge technology.


  • 4+ years of experience as a Technical Director or CTO

  • strong technical background

  • development/maintenance of an in-house engine and/or complex projects on Unity/Unreal/CryEngine

  • C++ programming experience

  • experience in technical management of a team of 20+ programmers

  • experience developing, motivating, and hiring technical directors and senior programmers


  • experience in rendering at the DX9/OES 2.0 level or higher

  • understanding of the basic requirements for mobile rendering

Our Perks

Flexibility Work from wherever you like: your home, one of our offices, or choose a hybrid format. No one will micromanage you or count your hours.

Healthcare We reimburse online sessions with a psychologist and offer you and your children healthcare, including dental insurance and treatment for COVID-19. We can organize vaccination for those who request it.

Fitness We support leading a healthy lifestyle and offer reimbursement for gym memberships, fitness app subscriptions, or participation in marathons.

Work-life balance We offer a generous amount of paid vacation days and sick leave. In special circumstances, additional days off can be requested.

Comfortable workplace We have everything you need to work comfortably wherever you are. Our offices have recreation areas and provide hot meals, while employees working remotely can request any necessary equipment.

Professional development and education We reimburse participation in relevant conferences and courses, and regularly conduct internal bootcamps and internships. For personal development, we provide access to thousands of books in our online library and discounted English language courses.

Entertainment and merch Every year we hold hundreds of events around the world, including contests, sports challenges, parties, hackathons, and offline events for individual teams.

Social responsibility projects We continue to launch charity projects and support our employees' ideas in grant competitions.