Work Responsibilities

Creating assets and establishing the visual style of specified areas of the project

Lead UI Artist positions also require: Providing direction and leadership tasks (such as quality control, schedule management, and training other staff) for specified areas of the project

The Ideal Candidate has…

  • A passion for designing great user interfaces

  • A self-motivated and proactive attitude

  • The ability to communicate effectively with other team members

  • An active interest in researching new ways to create visual designs and technology

Necessary Skills and Experience

  • The ability to contribute to game development as a UI artist

  • Basic Japanese conversational skills

Desired Skills

  • Experience working in graphic design, motion graphics, UX design or web design

  • 2+ years experience with UI on high-end games

  • The ability to suggest ideas for improved UX

  • A wide knowledge of current games

Lead UI Artist candidates should also have: Management experience on previous projects


No games industry experience required for this position.

Application Materials

  • Resume, including a recent photograph

  • A document explaining your work history, formatted at your discretion

  • Please go into detail about projects that you have lead or managed and the results you’ve achieved.

Additional Information

Annual salary with payments on a monthly basis. Salary is determined based on the employee’s level of experience and ability, rather than age.

Discretionary working system; employees may determine their own working hours at their discretion, with a work day beginning at 9:30 and ending at 18:00 as a base. Employees are expected to take at least one hour of break time during their work day.

Allowances and Stipends

  • A commuter allowance of 20,000 yen per month, included in regular pay.

  • Allowance for 40 hours of overtime, included in regular pay.

  • Extra payments are made for any overtime in excess of 40 hours, late-night work, and work on holidays.

  • Relocation stipends:

    • Employees moving from within Japan, but over 150 kilometers away from our Osaka or Tokyo office, are eligible for a relocation stipend of 300,000 yen.

    • Employees moving to Japan from outside the country are eligible for a relocation stipend of 500,000 yen.

  • Child allowance:

    • Employees with dependent children under 18 years of age are eligible for a stipend of 5,000 yen per child per month.

Holidays and Leave

The following days are holidays for employees:

  • Saturdays and Sundays

  • Japanese national holidays

  • Company summer holidays

  • Year-end Holidays (from 12/29 to 1/4)

  • Company founding day (typically 2/2)


  • Employees receive paid leave days; the amount received is contingent on when the employee joins the company, with a maximum of 10 days in the first year.

  • Bereavement leave and other special leave is available when employees need it.

  • There were 130 days off of work in 2021.

Retirement Pay

  • Included (Based on the PlatinumGames Retirement Pay Regulations)

Mandatory Retirement Age

  • 60 (Can be extended to 65 upon employee’s request)

Social Insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Welfare pension insurance

  • Employment insurance

  • Worker’s compensation for job-related accidents


  • Employee savings system (with interest)

  • Endowment insurance

  • Group Long-Term Disability (GLTD) insurance

  • Employee shareholder association

  • Free drink service (water and vending machines with a variety of tea, coffee and soft drinks)

  • Mental healthcare services, including counseling with an occupational physician

  • Company support for employee club activities

  • Special payments for weddings, childbirth, sickness, etc.

  • Free access to the Umeda Sky Building fitness gym

  • Free massage service

  • Lunch delivery (230 yen per meal)

  • Please see the official website "WORK ENVIRONMENT" for more information on the benefits we offer.


  • Full-time employee

  • Probationary period: 3 - 6 months

  • Employees are eligible for a pay increase evaluation once per fiscal year, in June.