Work Responsibilities

  • Maintaining order among the sections that make up a project team, facilitating communication to move the project forward

  • Managing the schedules, staffing and costs of projects

  • Following project progress, reporting risks and driving the team to find solutions to existing problems

The Ideal Candidate has…

The drive to stay aware of potential risks and how to mitigate them, and look for ways to increase efficiency rather than simply following protocol

Necessary Skills and Experience

  • The ability to create documentation to clearly communicate information to large groups

  • The ability to manage the progress of project staff

  • The ability to create opportunities for concerned staff to share important information, facilitate that discussion while managing time and costs, and document that discussion

  • The ability to correctly process the demands of the stakeholders of the project and create an action plan to execute on them

Desired Skills

  • 3+ years experience in project management of either games or software

  • 3+ years experience being a team leader/manager of a development team in a gaming company

  • Experience and interest/knowledge in JIRA, redmine, and other team management tools


No games industry experience is required for this position.

Application Materials

  • Resume, including a recent photograph

  • A document explaining your work history, formatted at your discretion

  • Please go into detail about projects that you have lead or managed and the results you’ve achieved.