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Nexus League


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Nexus League
🌎 Remote (Anywhere)


I'm the creator of SQLMatches & head developer over at Nexus League, a new match system being created by NexusNation. Currently we're a small development team consisting of me & another developer.

Of recent our code base has gotten to a point where we feel comfortable introducing new developers to the project.

About the system:

Nexus League consistent of 2 parts, our community & our API.

We're aiming to become a competitor to ESEA & Faceit by targeting marketplaces they haven't reached.

API side:

The API side of Nexus League is a collection of utilities what makes developing / hosting your own match system easy. E.g. We handle server creation, whitelisting, detecting cheaters, demo recording, player stats recording etc.

At launch the API will support hosting servers in all major regions.

Community side:

The community side of Nexus League is a pug & tournament platform built off our API for players within EU, with plans to later expand to NA & OCE.

Developers wanted:

Currently the majority of Nexus League is competed, with the match system & API being basically done.

We're looking for:

  • A developer with Vuejs experience.
  • A python developer, experience with asyncio/discord.py would be a bonus.
  • Sourcemod developer, experience with modern sourcemod syntax.
  • Anyone who thinks they have something to offer the project.


Nexus League is primarily a passion project what's been worked on & off for around 3 years now.

We aren't looking to hire developers, but more expand the offer for someone to become a member of the Nexus League team.

We aren't wanting to find some sucker to develop this whole system for us while we sit back & drink tea. But instead find someone to work along with us, doing parts of the project they want to help with.

Of course compensation would come later on if we found success, if not the project will most likely be open sourced. I'm happy to talk more about compensation once you reach out!

Thanks for reading <3