As a Release Manager at Netflix Game Studios, you will represent and deliver the game builds of our game platform partners and development studios onto our distribution platforms. You will work with both internal and external production teams like Partner Engineering, Quality Assurance, and our Launch Operations groups to provide clear intent to the builds we release and continuously update.

By delivering a clear and unified understanding of our studio’s output, you’ll play a central role in how our members and development partners view us. Identifying and iterating on our approach will be a key responsibility.


  • Ensure products comply with requirements for game releases and updates.

  • Drive collaboration and communication across teams leading to compliance and release.

  • Promote and uphold our ability to validate compliance and compatibility requirements during development.

  • Provide a central service of Game and content readiness state, risks, and mitigations

  • Deliver a deep and understood purpose for each build delivered.

  • Manage day-to-day development issues and drive identification of potential release impact.

  • Work with leads to update and maintain release information and schedules.

  • Deliver builds across teams and configure game products in store pages and products.


  • Experience with Live service operations and titles. Experience supporting games in the past that operate a live service model of build and content updates.

  • Experience shipping multiple games and updates simultaneously.

  • 3+ years of experience shipping games on multiple platforms, including mobile (iOS/Android), in a Senior QA, Release Manager, or Producer position.

  • Ability to manage ambiguity. You use your instincts, experiences, and team to identify, assess, and solve problems quickly and frequently.

  • Project Management and Organization Skills. Release management is a detail-oriented job. Your communications are clear, concise, and specific. You understand, track, and ensure that release data is 100% accurate.

  • Passion for Games. Both playing and an understanding of what makes them great.