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Senior Programmer

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🌎 Remote (UK)
3.250 € – 4.000 € EUR per month

// NEEDS MORE ROBOTS needs a Senior Programmer


That's what keeps the NMR team up late at night. When we're done with a day of building our game about piloting a mech to solve an interdimensional mystery, it's the curious 'magic-science' of Neon Death Pact that captures our imagination. So, what does that mean? Well, it's the rules and laws of our game universe. The things a player learns by seeing, and doing, experimenting with systems that are unfamiliar at the outset but there to be mastered by the game's third act. Neon's mechanics are fantastical and impossible.. but they must also be carefully coded, reliable, and polished. If this sort of attention to implementation keeps you up late at night, we're very eager to talk about working with you.

// The role: Senior Programmer

This position requires excellent communication skills, a proactive attitude, and the ability to lead a small programming team to deliver work on time. You'll be responsible for implementing game functionality and translating design ideas, concepts, and requirements into an experience. Ideally, 3+ years of experience in Unity Development technologies, strong programming and architecting skills, a keen eye for detail, and the analytical skills to identify potential issues in a design plan.

// The project: Neon Death Pact

Neon Death Pact is a narrative-driven first-person puzzle game set in a warm and vibrant post-cyberpunk world. You play as an android brain surgeon investigating the mystery of six dead androids by visiting an interdimensional island that has trapped their dying memories. Developed in Unity by a small team with big ideas, we all work remotely from the UK, Denmark, and Australia. With core work hours dotted all around the planet, good communication is a vital part of the company culture. --

// Are you interested in

  • Sci-fi, futurism, and/or magical-realism?
  • Boosty, floaty mech-suit movement?
  • Heartfelt narratives featuring characters you care about?
  • Elegant gameplay mechanics that invite discovery?

// What we're interested in

  • Does your portfolio contain experience working on a shipped PC game built in Unity?
  • Are you able to work with Creative and lead a very small team of programmers?
  • Do you have experience in deployment?
  • Do you have experience working on projects that have been ported to console?

// Objectives

  • Take ownership of entire features and components of the game lifecycle and lead the code elements
  • Lead other members of the programming team to deliver large and complex features on time and to a highly polished standard Communicate directly with the project manager and Creative to review development progress and highlight threats
  • Be part of the development process and contribute improvements and suggestions, driving the quality of the code throughout the entire production cycle
  • Mentor other developers in the team and help maintain code, product, and process quality
  • Partner with Creative to ensure schedules and goals meet business and project needs
  • Conduct code reviews and help to determine the work prioritisation of other programmers working on the project

// Skills and Qualifications

  • 3+ years experience with Unity 3D
  • Strong C# object-oriented programming and scripting language skills
  • Experience profiling and optimising game and render performance (GPU and CPU)
  • Experience working with menus, support systems, save systems
  • Experience working with source control systems such as Git in a multi developer team environment
  • Understanding UX design process and experience working with UX design team and/or development team

// Working with Needs More Robots

  • At Needs More Robots our main goal is to make good things with good people.+ We work remotely from the UK, Australia, Denmark, and Hong Kong, so your core hours are super flexible - do what fits your lifestyle.
  • Work/life balance is vital stuff, we won’t ask you to crunch and we’re not here to eat your weekend.
  • Making games is collaborative, we want your creative voice to influence the game.
  • Team downtime is Destiny, Vermintide, and a little Valheim