For over 30 years, Naughty Dog has been crafting best-selling, critically acclaimed games that constantly push the boundaries of narrative, gameplay, and technology. Our most recent game, The Last of Us Part II, has received over 300 Game of the Year awards and three of our games are among the top 10 highest scored games on the PlayStation 4. As a part of the Naughty Dog legacy, you’ll become a part of continuing the development of extraordinary and enduring experiences for a broad, global range of audiences.

We are looking for an in-house concept artist who will be managing the external artists and teams. They will be expected to give artistic feedback and direction based on pre-established art direction. This may require them to draw/paint over the submissions, create documents, gather references, and finish off or polish the final submissions. They will be interfacing with the leads, art and creative directors and will pass along direction or feedback to the external teams/artists through meetings, recordings, Jira, Miro and other means of communication. They will be responsible for managing and maintaining the concept library and white board, making sure all assets are tracked, archived and up to date.


  • Interface with Concept Lead/Art Director to understand the Artistic vision
  • Communicate direction/feedback to external artists and teams
  • Manage tasking the external artists and teams
  • Responsible for polishing art submissions from external artists
  • Responsible for drawing over submissions to illustrate the feedback
  • Work with producers and OS Production artists to manage the schedule and deadlines
  • Manage the time cards and invoices for the external artists
  • Manage the concept art assets, tracking iterations, updating the digital whiteboard and maintaining the folder structure

Requirements & Skills:

  • Must be a skilled concept artist familiar with current industry standard workflows
  • Must be skilled in traditional painting and illustration mediums
  • Must know industry standard Art software and tools like Photoshop, illustrator, Maya/Max, Blender, red shift, Octane, etc
  • Must be familiar with project management software like Jira, confluence, Miro and Excel
  • Must show good communication skills and comprehension of feedback/direction
  • Must be organized and able to create efficient workflows and processes