For over 30 years, Naughty Dog has been crafting best-selling, critically acclaimed games that constantly push the boundaries of narrative, gameplay, and technology. Our most recent game, The Last of Us Part II, has received over 300 Game of the Year awards and three of our games are among the top 10 highest scored games on the PlayStation 4. As a part of the Naughty Dog legacy, you’ll become a part of continuing the development of extraordinary and enduring experiences for a broad, global range of audiences.

The Character FX TD is responsible for creating physics-based cloth, hair, and muscle simulations. They will also develop tools and iterate on the Character FX pipeline.


  • Redefine the cloth/hair/muscle pipeline to handle complex simulation in a real time environment
  • Work with graphics programmers to translate simulation from traditional dccs to realtime solutions
  • Design robust and flexible workflows to handle large numbers of assets in clear and intuitive ways
  • Develop and maintain tools to assist in the creation of simulated assets
  • Collaborate with rigging and animation teams to understand simulation requirements for cinematics and gameplay scenarios
  • Build simulated assets for use in game and audit efficacy of pipeline and tools developed
  • Design creative solutions for scenes that require unique deformation and one-off rigs


  • Expert understanding of simulation across a variety of platforms (i.e. Ziva, Houdini, Qualoth, Maya, Syflex, etc.)
  • Expert understanding of Python
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently
  • Portfolio with examples of current high quality character FX and underlying techniques
  • Experience with developing pipelines, tools, and plug-ins to streamline simulated asset creation
  • Expert-level character FX experience in film and/or game production


  • Knowledge of Maya API
  • Understanding of C++
  • Solid understanding of Linear Algebra and 3D Math
  • Experience with writing physics systems

As part of the Naughty Dog application process, candidates should expect to be given a technical interview and may be asked to complete an art test.