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The environmental foreground team is responsible for the creation, rigging, and support of all environment related moving objects in the game. This includes dynamic simulations and interactions with level (background) geometry. Most foreground artists are versatile Maya generalists, but also have specializations in different areas that fall under the team’s realm of responsibilities. Some foreground artists are technical or rigging specialists, others are modelers and texture artists, and some specialize in dynamic set-ups. Through this diversity of specializations, the team supports each other in different ways, actively distributing and sharing the overall workload.

A foreground tools developer should have some familiarity with these workflows on a high level, in order to support development of tools in Python, Maya and Houdini that allow the artists to carry out their tasks as easily and precisely as possible.


  • Basic understanding of 3D pipelines, particularly in Maya

  • Understanding of Python development for 3D packages, especially focused on Maya

  • Ideating and developing new technologies for aiding in all aspects of the foreground pipeline

Requirements & Skills:

  • Some familiarity with 3D content creation, modeling, texturing, rigging, ideally in Maya

  • Experience with Python in a 3D pipeline environment, particularly frontend tool and script development for geometry manipulation

  • Understanding artist friendly interface design

  • Good communication skills and a great attitude for interfacing and collaborating effectively with all other disciplines

  • Ability to stay organized and prioritize tasks according to their urgency

  • Must be able to provide examples of professional work (online preferred), a breakdown of your contributions to the workflows, and an accompanying resume

Bonus Skills:

  • Houdini experience, particularly digital asset development or experience with Houdini Engine

  • Industry experience, particularly with regards to the needs of AAA game development pipelines

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