This job listing expired on Mar 15, 2024

Job description

Role: Game Designer Skating AAA Video Game

Type of Position: Part-time/ Internship/ Freelance

Salary/Stipend: Negotiable

Duration: 1 Month (+extension )

Work Location: Remote

Work Experience: 0-3 years


We are seeking a Game Designer for a Skating Game responsible for establishing the overall Gameplay, Architecture, and Construction of the game space, including levels, game flow, and maps. The candidate should excel in translating game design elements into the game environment and integrating challenges into the game's progression.


  • Use any 3D software/Unreal Engine 5 to build blockouts and layouts to help convey ideas to environment artists.

  • Conceptualize, implement, and maintain gameplay systems that achieve a fulfilling flow state, addictive game loops, and a balanced risk/reward structure.

  • Create and maintain comprehensive documentation, such as design outlines, diagrams, and visual mockups, detailing triggers, interactions, and subsequent events of specific features or aspects of gameplay.

  • Collaborate closely with User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Designers to optimize the player interface.

  • Find and document assets available online that are appropriate for the game environment.


  • Basic knowledge of a 3D software of choice or Unreal Engine

  • Basic to advanced drawing skills to effectively communicate ideas visually.

  • Possess a deep understanding of game levels, level layouts, map drawing, architecture, and other design areas related to game-level design.

  • Ability to break down complex systems into manageable components.

  • Utilize data to gather qualitative information to influence design decisions.