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Mazer Gaming

Pokémon UNITE Player

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Mazer Gaming
🌎 Remote (Anywhere)

We are on the lookout for teammates for our Pokémon UNITE team.

What will Mazer Gaming do for you.

It's one of the most common questions, and that makes sense. Why join?

Content is huge to Mazer all of our players are content creators, whether it's live streamers or video creators. We cover the whole spectrum. With 50+ creators we support one another. The main Mazer channel has our owner (Sam) and I on the reigns. So when our creators post new content or go live we share. We also have a group chat on Twitter where content can be shared to gain more traffic from others followings. Recently we did a Twitch partner-thon, where we tried to push any of our creators close to partner over the line to accomplish that.

With our creators we host tournaments for charity. The Mazer Gaming Gives Back series is a charity tournament series that spans over all games and we generally run it once a month.

October 2 we hosted a Pokémon GO tournament, shoutcasted by SpeediestChief and Reis2Occasion with a $1k prize pool, in support of Gamers Outreach.

Another piece to being a part of Mazer Gaming is the sponsorships. Mazer currently has all sponsors in the cryptocurrency/NFT space, and the sponsorship pool continues to grow. With our Gives Back series there are also giveaways with Grinding Coffee Co. One of our creators, Ace has a discount code for them too as they liked Grinding Coffee's product, and Grinding Coffee liked their content.

There are means of income with sponsorship and affiliate programs through Mazer that may not be available to creators without organizations.

Another creator is SpeediestChief, who was providing Pokémon GO PvP coaching. JetFuel Finance (one of Mazer's sponsors) purchased a segment of his coaching course, and gave it back to him to provide a giveaway with.

We're partnered with GRM Finance that is building a platform for gamers with cryptocurrency, providing the ability to create NFTs and sell them to fans for a profit.

We just partnered with Dehub who is anxious to get into the esports space. They provided the prize for the Pokémon GO tournament October 2, and their partnership was covered by BSC Daily, which is a cryptocurrency journal.

But we aren't stopping there. We can only do more.

To help our creators was also do things like "Stream Highlights" for the month.

We usually add our branding to streams. Sometimes theirs a sponsor loop on stream which helps with revenue for you. There are creators that don't have the sponsor loop on their streams, so I'm sure it's an option, as opposed to mandatory.

You won't lose any of your freedoms to create content of your choice, and stream what you want. Our only ask is that you remain competitive in Pokémon UNITE, that if you start to focus your streams and creation elsewhere, you continue to practice with the team, and be available to crush the competition.

With the stream overlay, we have a system in place with a setup through OBS, that adds a slideshow to your stream overlay. You can adjust the size and everything, but it will cycle through different brands that are sponsoring the stream team and track all of the impressions, fill rate, stream time, and more. It will also set up a chat bot that will send a message every 12 or so minutes about the companies being promoted. Based on all of the statistics, we split up the monthly pay that the sponsors are offering to the stream team between everyone so they can earn an additional income through us.

So it's a percentage based on analytics in comparison to others who are streaming with us. The better your analytics, the larger your chunk of the pie.

With our creators, management and coaching staff sharing your content, and the main Twitter account sharing too, it can help to grow your following and increase your stats too.

So Cliff's Notes we offer:

  • social media support
  • promotion
  • team collaboration opportunities
  • sponsorship opportunities (through our stream overlay setup)

You offer:

  • time
  • effort
  • teamwork

Not a tall ask. This sound like you and what you want to be a part of?

Apply now!