Madbox is a mobile gaming company, creating and publishing its own games worldwide. Since 2018 Madbox has gathered more than 300 million players, still growing. We are looking for top talents with mad skills, a mad passion and a mad ambition to join us.

Madbox has very ambitious goals that would usually require gigantic hundreds-of-people teams. But with such teams, impact and responsibilities are diluted and, as these values are important to us, the bet we're making at Madbox is to build very powerful automation tools destined to our teams so that we maximise the impact of every Madboxer and achieve our ambitious goals.

This philosophy has been standing since the beginning of the adventure, especially in Game Automation. The idea of game Automation is to stick to the DRY principle : Don’t Repeat Yourself ! Everytime we code something that would tend to be re-used, we centralize it in a module.

In the past year, we’ve pushed forward the idea that every game developer at MadBox should contribute to the tech stack instead of having a dedicated team to it. This was the best way to make sure that the tools we write are actually used because the person needing them was the one writing them. That way we now have a stack of more than a hundred modules that our integrated in all our portfolio including remote settings, progression save, ads manager, analytics manager… to state the biggest ones.

However, we have noticed that, quite often, the modules that are core to our stack needed some changes to be applied and that this job couldn't be done by any game developer. Additionally, despite our hundred modules, there is still a whole panel of tools that we don’t have yet, and that we will need, to manage online games or live ops for example.

That’s why we’re now looking for a Senior Game Automation Developer. This person would be in charge of pushing forward the state of our stack by contributing to it themself but also guaranteeing the global coherence of it by reviewing its current state and any important contribution from our game developers. Of course, that person wouldn’t be the only one making reviews as we encourage every developer to do that. Finally, we’re expecting that person to hold a senior position as we’re looking for someone who knows the best practices in the market and that would be a great ally we can rely on as we enter the world of live Ops and online games.

What will you do?

  • Being the main engine behind the development of the core of our tech stack.
  • Reviewing contributions of other developers to the tech stack to guarantee global coherence.
  • Shaping our stack architecture: how things interact and work together.
  • Defining the best practices in terms of (module) development for the company (what are the common patterns to follow, what should or shouldn’t be done)
  • Document how modules should be integrated into the games.
  • Be ready to assist any game development team in smoothly solving the technical issues that might require your help.

Hard Skills

  • Has at least 5 years of experience as a Unity C# developer
  • Has experience creating and maintaining tools for games.
  • Knows about Game Development :
  • Knows how to make custom inspectors
  • Knows how to make a module that is easily configurable
  • Understands the different Game Development topics.
  • Knows the best practices on the market
  • Has a fast coding pace.
  • Is not afraid of getting involved in big refactors.
  • Produces code that is bug-free and trustworthy.
  • Has the habit of recycling code and centralizing it in small modules while working on a large project.
  • Knows that, small modules that do a simple thing very well are better than big modules that try to do a lot but not so well.

Soft Skills

  • Autonomy and ability to take decisions and make projects move forward while keeping transparency and continuous updates to relevant stakeholders
  • Strong logic & business sense.
  • Excellent communication skills: straight to the point, focused on constructive feedback, positive mindset
  • An interest in video games or tech in general.
  • Fluent incommunication with the rest of the team.
  • Showing leadership in proposing innovative actions to perform to improve globally speaking.

The MadBox Culture

  • Explore together : we take risks together, we fail together and win together.
  • Learn fast : create, test, assess, learn, share, repeat.
  • Be thoughtfully candid : share what you have in mind like you would like others to share it with you.
  • Shape (y)our journey : you are the owner of (y)our ambitious success, and the success of Madbox.

What do we offer ?

  • A competitive compensation, a transparent grid shared for each Madboxer to allow frequent evolutions
  • Team profit sharing as it will always be a collective success, we share what we create all together
  • Private medical cover, because your health should always come first
  • Lunch coupons - joining Madbox means joining a group of foodies
  • Regular team events where you will discover where the "mad" of Madbox comes from !
  • Remote policy : 3 days at the office, 2 days at home (every week you can choose the day you want to work remotely)

Madbox is a fast-growing mobile game company based in Paris and Barcelona, creating and publishing its own games. The story of Madbox started when two video game studios fell in love with each other during the summer 2018.

A few months after the beginning of this promance, Madbox first in-house titles hit the top charts of the App Store and Google Play Store worldwide, ranking in #1 positions in more than 100 countries. Since then, Madbox has gathered more than 300 million players, still growing fast. To fuel this creative and operations growth, Madbox develops cutting-edge automation systems internally to shorten production times and drive accurately its performance at large scale.

Madbox will collect your personal data for the purposes of managing our recruitment related activities. That is why, Madbox may use your personal data in relation to the evaluation and selection of applicants. Your information will be accessible to recruiting & people teams in Paris & Barcelona. By applying, you expressly give your consent.