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Lunarch Studios

Senior Unreal Engine Developer (multiplayer puzzle game, PC/consoles)

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Lunarch Studios
🌎 Remote (Anywhere)

Unreal Engine Game Developer or Software Engineer

  • Intermediate, Senior, or Higher
  • Multiple Full Time, Permanent Positions Available
  • Fully Remote

Lunarch is seeking to add new developers to our talented engineering roster for our upcoming title (a multiplayer puzzle game for PC and consoles developed in Unreal Engine).

This is an extremely challenging project (with 100-person multiplayer, MMO-like features, and dozens of 2D and 3D puzzle types). Accordingly, we’re looking for highly intelligent and passionate devs who are at the absolute peak of their game and are eager to advance the state of the art by bringing an entirely new genre to life.

We’re aiming to hire several developers, with particular emphasis on these specialties:

  • Multiplayer netcode (for realtime 100-player multiplayer in UE4)
  • UI/UX
  • Math/algorithms
  • Highly-experienced Unreal Engine generalists


  • Minimum 5 years (ideally 10+) in software or game development
  • At least one shipped title, ideally in the space of high-fidelity 3D PC and console games. More = better, but quality over quantity. Bonus points if you’ve worked on games-as-a-service (MMOs, battle royales, etc.), AAA first person titles, open world games, puzzle games, or anything in Unreal Engine
  • A background in mathematics, computer science, or a related discipline (usually a degree, though we’ve hired some legendary people who lack one!)
  • Knowledge of C++ or a similar language (bonus points if you’re a real wizard with Unreal Blueprints)
  • Incredible problem-solving ability.

To have a realistic shot at being hired, you’ll need to demonstrate at least one of the following (two or more = we’re very interested!):

  • Olympiad-level math or programming skills
  • Ultra-advanced knowledge (both broad and deep) of Unreal Engine systems and components
  • Expertise in multiplayer/network programming (ideally for MMOs or 100-player games)
  • Expertise in several other key areas (graphics, AI, procedural generation, UI/UX, FX, tech art, performance-tuning, puzzle design, backend dev, UE4 tooling/extending, console porting, etc.)

You do not need to be an expert in everything, but the more ways you can add value to our team, the better.

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop and commit features for a high-fidelity multiplayer puzzle game for PCs and consoles (projects will align with your skills, interests, and background)
  • Add new functionality each week for our weekly external playtests
  • Execute flawlessly, bringing a high level of polish and craftsmanship to our products
  • Contribute to the creative process of building a large open world multiplayer puzzle game
  • Fix bugs as needed
  • Prototype new gameplay features, puzzle designs, and multiplayer interactions
  • Get a lot of work done in a remote environment

Tech we use:

  • Unreal Engine
  • C++
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • UE4 Blueprints
  • Git