Join the Kudos family to revolutionise how gamers are rewarded!

Kudos Labs is hiring a Lead Engineer to build more cool stuff!

You’ll be part of a cross-functional team who ♥️ building awesome products for gamers. As a member of the Kudos Engineering Team, you'll have a chance to work or assist across the Kudos Platform in multiple environments - Web, Discord, and more. Our tech stack combines web technologies (JS / TS, Vue.js), AWS (DynamoDB, Lambdas, API Gateway, etc.), Serverless, and Node.js on the backend.

We are looking to hire someone with a good degree of experience around our tech stack; you will be leading our platform team in building and maintaining the core Kudos ecosystem and its assorted product sets. As a young company, the Engineering Team has plenty of room for someone to thrive in.


  • Planning and handling sprints for the Platform Tech team
  • Maintaining and implementing new features
  • Assisting with the continued development of the Kudos Discord application
  • Working on the backend infrastructure
  • Testing the new releases of the Kudos Platform
  • Hunting and fixing those pesky bugs !!


  • 4+ years of experience as a lead engineer or scrum master
  • Good working knowledge of JavaScript and web frameworks
  • Familiarity with AWS or similar
  • Willing to learn alongside the team
  • Not afraid to speak your mind (we love team contribution)
  • A gamer at heart! Anything better than Minesweeper works :)
  • Big Plus: Familiarity with Vue.js measuring the ROI


  • Working with a highly ambitious team
  • Competitive equity (employee options) and salary for long term benefits
  • Game Fund (so you can play all of the new games)
  • Transport and Gym access covered

Come and join us now!

The only thing we ask from our future teammates is that you share our passion for the gaming culture and are willing to put that passion to work, to build something super duper cool.

So why the wait? Hit us up and improve the lives of gamers everywhere!

Team Kudos (⌐■_■)