The Analyst is responsible for inputting daily deal uploads, researching underlying rights and game restrictions/data, developing curated client availability lists, analyzing client requests and creating executive summaries thereof. Business and Sales Analyst works closely with the Content Licensing group from deal start to close, capturing and interpreting data.

Department: Business Strategy, Sales and Operations

Pay Grade: $70k

Report To: Senior Director of Business Strategy, Sales and Operations

  • Genre decay curves & Game Mode Trends – Identify future potential unfilled interests, show current trends and demonstrate where those trends are on a decay curve.

  • Performs extensive research of rights and restrictions, development of client avail lists, analysis of client offers via internal and client facing workups.

  • Feature / Quality of Life improvements over time – Look clearly at clusters of specific genera of games and be able to demonstrate what features or evolutions made some succeed and the others fail and what features from each were adopted going forward. (Apex vs Anthem)

  • Graphical standards (by genre) – Not every game needs to be AAA, but every game needs to be polished to the level of its competitive landscape.

  • Current standards and projected future standards – Showing through MetaCritic and user ratings what the public expectations have been and will be going forward.

  • Current standards and projected future standards – 1st party console, PC and Mobile – Using past sales/software installations to show how games that adopted and pushed their respective hardware either succeeded or failed. And in either success or failure, sent new benchmarks for other games.

  • Current paid media trends and baseline spends – We have shown HQ many times that we are well below normal spends on marketing/media at 8%. This position can not only help showcase that, but work closely with brand and agency on paid media spends in real time.

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Minimum 4-5 years’ in the Entertainment Industry, preferable video games

  • Bachelor’s degree required

  • Intermediate/Advanced Microsoft Excel Skills required (i.e. vLookups/Pivot Tables)

  • Strong Knowledge of Rights and Clearances required (Underlying Rights vs Music Restrictions)

  • Strong Knowledge of Video Games and trends within the Industry

  • Must have excellent critical thinking and analysis skills

  • Must be able to effectively meet deadlines

  • Must be able to work well under pressure

  • Must be able to pay close attention to details while dealing with large quantities of data

  • Must be able to organize and schedule work effectively and manage sales expectations