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Technical QA Senior

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Keywords Studios
🇨🇦 Montréal, QC

Job Purpose

Supporting and assisting the Technical QA Lead in their duties, mainly:

  • Replacing the Technical QA Lead when necessary, and absorbing their duties
  • Managing, leading, motivating, coaching and training TQA test teams.
  • Planning, creating and executing project test strategies with the Project Manager.
  • Planning, creating and executing project test plan & cases.
  • Proactively solving project issues with the test teams and Project Manager.

Stepping in as an Associate Lead, to cover for the primary Lead, whenever necessary.

Working as a Technical QA Tester, whenever necessary.

Scope of Role

The TQA Senior works directly with the Technical QA Lead or Test Lead on a daily basis in a supportive role in order to both learn the necessary abilities to become a Technical QA Lead or a Test Lead, and develop the skillset required to act as a backup (associate) Lead when needed. You will achieve this through often performing the daily administrative tasks and duties of a Lead while being coached and supervised by the Lead themselves.

You will be responsible for carrying out the test plan for the project and/or Technical QA department set forth by the Lead by ensuring the daily tasks and objectives are being met and carried out efficiently. You will often be expected to shadow the communication between the Test Lead and the Client and be given increased visibility into the communication channels the Lead has with different internal departments. Along with the creation of client-facing and tracking documents, regression forms and test reports, you will be expected to start participating in meetings and becoming involved in client facing conference calls. You will be required to set an example to other employees. As the TQA Senior member of the test team, it is important you lead by initiative and behave in accordance to the core of Keyword’s values.

As a TQA Senior, you are responsible for your assigned test team(s). You have an important role in ensuring that the team is effective, motivated and that each tester is provided an environment in which they can be as productive as possible. A tester’s work is likely to be of higher quality if they are happy and content within the work place.

Key Responsibilities and Activities

While the TQA Senior may not always be required to perform each task listed below, their main task is to support the Leads in their management of the teams and projects and those Lead duties are listed fully below for visibility.

Active Supervision

  • Manage, lead and motivate test teams.
  • Plan, create and execute project test strategies with the Lead.
  • Plan, create and execute project test plan & cases.
  • Delegate test cases to test team directly, clearly and efficiently.
  • Proactively solve project issues with the test teams and Lead before they impact the project.
  • Make sure the Lead and test teams are aware of project status.
  • Monitor test strategy in accordance with project schedule and budget requirements.
  • Administer and enforce the quality and consistency of bugs as required by Keyword process.
  • Constant monitoring and management of bug databases to insure quality and productivity are up to par.
  • Expertly vet, assign and monitor bugs, both CQA and FQA, in the database.
  • Set, monitor and achieve goals through the test team.
  • Interact with testers face-to-face daily.
  • Approve N/A and C/C requests from testers.

Training & Coaching

  • Provide daily positive and constructive feedback to testers.
  • Provide both positive recognition and warnings appropriately.
  • Provide monthly evaluation feedback to testers.
  • Mentor and support all staff including new Level 3.
  • Help identify areas where training material may need revision.
  • Coach and mentor Technical QA Testers to upkeep their knowledge in Technical Services.
  • Train new staff to the Technical QA Department.

Client Management

  • Professional, courteous and regular client contact and hardware manufacturer at a QA level on all projects.
  • Communicate important project related information directly to the client, including reports, test cases, bug dumps.
  • Able to find solutions to client requests when possible.
  • Able to decline client requests in an appropriate manner when necessary.
  • Able to query the hardware manufacturer when necessary.


  • Coordinate with the Production Support department regarding staffing and tester allocation.
  • Responsible for the conservation of database workflows and process.
  • Create build requests and deployment notifications.
  • Create 1st party submission feedback during the certification process.
  • Create assessments on a product’s health based on compatibility and performance results.
  • Conveys to Senior Management and/or customers project status via daily reports (end of day/round/project), e-mail, instant messaging and/or phone conferences.
  • Ensure internal project-related knowledge bases are maintained.
  • Communicate employee warnings and actions taken to Human Resources.
  • Assist Project Managers with quoting for Technical QA projects.
  • Track submission results and delivering submission information to the teams.
  • Track department KPIs.

Passive Supervision

  • Primary point of contact for QA specific questions and concerns raised by teams.
  • Responsible for the upkeep of Keyword and hardware/software policy, process and security.
  • Provide verbal or written warnings to employees when and where applicable.
  • Resolve conflicts/issues and escalate to others as appropriate, including IT related issues and help tickets

In addition to the above, the employee is expected to complete any other tasks deemed necessary.

Essential Experience

The list below outlines the knowledge and pre-requisites needed at the Technical QA Lead/Test Lead level. While a TQA Senior may not always be required to possess all such skills and abilities, they are listed in that of the TQA Senior role for 100% visibility.


  • Understanding of a project cycle and a games’ development process.
  • Understanding of functionality QA and Certification testing processes.
  • Understanding of the 1st party submission requirements and certification process.
  • Understanding of a bug’s life cycle and workflow within a defect tracking database.
  • Strong knowledge of the titles being tested.
  • Specialized or higher in the platform (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, PC Compat, NPT, Mobile) they are applying for.
  • Keeping up to date with hardware/software developments in the field and be able to discuss them with leadership and clients.

Soft Skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize efficiently.
  • Strong leadership skills and decision making abilities.
  • Works well under pressure.
  • Accountable and responsible.
  • Agile and flexible to change.
  • Strong presentation and training skills.
  • Skillful in conflict management and giving of constructive feedback.
  • Results driven and able to lead a team to success.
  • Encourages others to keep a high standard of accuracy and leads by example.
  • Demonstrates a keen eye for errors/inconsistencies in both their own and others contribution, highlighting or amending these as appropriate.
  • Honest & open communication, speaks up in meetings, shares opinions.
  • Understands and is able to meet deadlines.
  • Listens actively, encourages and incorporates others input.
  • Self-motivated, innovative and analytical with strong attention to detail and accuracy.

Technical Skills

  • Has relevant IT skills in order to work with different software and hardware required for projects.
  • Experienced with all next gen and current gen console hardware and software.
  • Experienced with mobile and PC hardware and software.


  • Familiarity with defect tracking tools, workflows, test case management tools, agile tools, and project tools, such as JIRA, Confluence, Spira, TestTrack, DevTrack, and DevTest.
  • Experienced with platform specific Testing Tools (Steam, LanForge, Xbox Manager, PS Publishing tools, Xbox GUI).
  • Experience with video capture and hardware and software.
  • Experience working within MS Office.


Our employees are our most valuable resource; therefore we provide them with a competitive compensation package commensurate with skills and experience, excellent benefits, high level of job satisfaction and a casual and fun work environment.

Keywords International is dedicated to following a well-established Equal Opportunities Policy. We endeavour to create a workplace which provides for equal opportunities for all employees and potential employees.

The masculine form is used throughout the text for ease of reading, but refers to both men and women.