Our Team leads are in charge of managing, leading, motivating, coaching and training to their teams. Working on different projects, they will be in charge of creating schedules, training and tasks based on the clients’ requirement. The Team lead will work closely with the project manager putting both client and agent satisfaction as a priority and own the success of the projects.

Active Supervision

  • Manage, lead and motivate teams;

  • Proactively solve project issues with the teams and Project manager, before they impact the project.

  • Make sure both the Project manager and teams are aware of project status;

  • Constant monitoring and management of ticket databases to ensure quality and productivity are meeting project KPIs and SLAs;

  • Create CRM/tool views for better visibility and reporting

  • Set, monitor and achieve goals through the team;

  • Check daily reports regularly to spot and address any anomalies

  • Interact with local agents in person daily and virtually for remote team members;

  • Providing direction to the team to ensure the customers are supported in a timely, efficient and knowledgeable manner;

  • Responsible for the upkeep of the studio policy, process and security.

  • Provide reports to the project manager and client;

  • Proactively resolve project issues with the team and project manager before they impact the project;

  • Review agents’ daily reports and tickets for coaching opportunities;

  • Perform regular quality control checks, according to the project’s defined process;

  • Act as an escalation point for our client’s customers.

Training & Coaching

  • Provide daily positive and constructive performance feedback to their team members;

  • Provide both positive recognition and warnings appropriately;

  • Create training materials

  • Help identify areas where training material may need revision;

  • Conduct weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with assigned employees;

  • Provide employees with metrics on their performance against project KPIs or SLAs.

  • Train shift leads

Client Management

  • Professional, courteous and regular client contact on all assigned projects;

  • Own the position of daily client contact in a professional and courteous level for all assigned projects;

  • Communicate important project-related information directly to the client, including reports, metrics, trending issues, blockers, etc.;

  • Able to find solutions to client requests when possible.


  • Verification of hours in When I Work within the payroll deadline and in respect of the various regulations;

  • Plan and set up employee schedules;

  • Manage and approve vacation requests;

  • Monitor employee attendance and flag late or absent employees;

  • Responsible for the conservation of database workflows and process;

  • Ensure internal and/or external project-related knowledge bases are maintained;

  • Communicate employee warnings and actions taken to Human Resources.


Conduct Player support representative duties as and when required.



  • Understanding of Player Support tools and processes;

  • Firm understanding of key support metrics and how to apply them;

  • Strong knowledge of the title assigned to them;

  • Strong English skills.

  • Knows how to read/interpret reports

  • Knows what makes a good ticket


  • Minimum of 6 month experience as a Player Support Shift Leader

Soft Skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills;

  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize efficiently;

  • Strong leadership skills and decision-making abilities;

  • Detail oriented and organized;

  • Works well under pressure;

  • Accountable and responsible;

  • Agile and flexible to change;

  • Skillful in conflict management and giving of constructive feedback;

  • Results driven and able to lead a team to success;

  • Encourages others to keep a high standard of accuracy and leads by example;

  • Honest & open communication speaks up in meetings, shares opinions;

  • Understands and is able to meet deadlines;

  • Listens actively, encourages and incorporates others input;

  • Self-motivated, innovative and analytical with strong attention to detail and accuracy.

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Ability to evaluate personnel and identify talent


  • Familiarity with When I Work, Helpshift, Zendesk or other ticketing platforms;

  • Familiarity with Google suite;

  • Intermediate skills with Google Sheets;

  • Experience working within Office 365.


Flexibility with working weekends and to be on call occasionally is a plus.