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Lead Game Developer

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🇻🇳 Ho Chi Minh City

Gameloft for Brands has an exciting opportunity for a Lead Developer to become a technical reference for Out-of-Media team or/and In-App team, working on creating best-in-class mobile-based or web-based/responsive products supporting the company’s efforts.

Lead Developer is responsible for mobile-side application logic, or/and both on server-side and front-end side of the web application logic. He works hand in hand in a dynamic, cross functional team with his frontend team, backend team and QA engineers implementing customizations & customer requirements that will provide tangible results for the corporation.

Lead Back-end Developer develops scripts and implements coding for various websites using Javascript based as NodeJS to create dynamic applications. Since these application are mainly hosted on the cloud as AWS, experience on the cloud infrastructure is compulsory, to automatize recurrent operations (dockerization, CI/CD).

He is tasked also with developing a game based on Unity or Cocos creator (depend on project constraint), integrating generic modules for 3D, gameplay, physics, sound, as well as any other module that would be relevant to develop. He develops using Unity C#, Javascript, … to create dynamic applications, work in close collaboration with the game designers and artists to make their vision of the game and environments a reality and to work around constraints, be supportive for providing solution for critical issues in the technical side that happens on projects in any platforms, ensure all features related to technical fields work properly by being pro-active in finding technical solutions that happens in all projects, and support and share technical knowledge to the developers in production team

Integrated on Agile team that focuses on continuous improvement both with what we develop and how we develop it, Lead developer will be a part of stand-ups, sprint planning and all that usual stuff, with the main goal is to find new and better ways to work for today and tomorrow for the whole division. We use and build reusable code and libraries for future use, approved after auditing by our security department. Importance on security, on performance and on code quality are what make us different from others.

Comfortable on communication and presentations skills (since we closely work with clients during our sprint cycles), and, on having a shipping mindset with love working in a fast paced environment!

Detailed Responsibility:


  • Perform web or mobile app legacy system development, update and support.
  • Initiate and lead development of web and application, design and build back-office system from scratch (if it’s not done by Backend team)
  • Participle on the conception and setup of automation system to facilitate the usage and project deployment on site and on cloud.
  • Create and maintain technical documentation linked with the solution developed
  • Share and assist with colleagues on the conception, development and the platform functionality
  • Suggest any improvements linked to security, performance and the raising of the existence environments
  • Work with infrastructure team to find innovative solution
  • Delivery high level solutions or subsystems like custom API’s, database modeling and design.
  • Contribute to continuous improvement by suggesting improvement to user interface, software architecture or new technologies.
  • Analyzes customer requirements and defines solutions and architecture plus assistance to the team on problems and technical roadblocks.
  • Coordinate roll-out of new applications
  • Provides production support
  • Cooperate with people from all over the world to deliver the best quality projects.
  • Working with team members (his Game Team, other supporting teams and external teams).
  • Ability to constantly learn and stay in touch with evolving game standards and development technologies.

Project technical support:

  • Advising relevant Managers in technical aspects/solutions implemented in any projects ;
  • Working with Department Manager to be aware of status of all projects on technical side, and to give necessary instructions or support to prevent problems or find out solutions, ensuring that programmers work efficiently and deliver their assignments on-time;
  • Overseeing and having good expertise of all productions from technical viewpoint; defining, advising technical process, standards, methods, organization… to constantly improve productivity, reduce overtime and optimize work;
  • Actively conducting research and development activities, as well as pushing such activities among teams, to be able to cope with technology progress and new production challenges.
  • Selecting, finding and managing a group of specialist/senior programmers to support/handle most technical issues in production. Keep training them to master their working abilities with support from Training Team.
  • Setting up best practices for coding and conduct regular code reviews
  • Encouraging team to create a strong technical documents on different development platforms
  • Take part in the development of games using Unity Engine or Cocos creator engine;
  • Program, debug and optimize codes to implement the gameplay ideas into game prototype, and polish the prototype to be ready for publishing;
  • Actively detect issues on programming side, take initiative and propose solutions to prevent and solve those issues;
  • Identifying and fixing engine bugs found by the game-production teams
  • Analyzing existing features of the game and making changes to meet current needs
  • Understanding technical requirements
  • Learn and sharing the know-how and best practices taking part in and coordinating work with their peers
  • Identifying and sharing alternative technologies and techniques
  • Identifying problems and resulting dependencies
  • Documentation all technical skills and experience to enrich team’s knowledge

Resource management: (optional apply when Department Manager is Out-of-Media)

  • Providing planning that accounts for assignment of their tasks, dependencies and time estimates
  • Allocating resource for teams and projects, considering resource availability, capabilities, and production priorities;
  • Weekly updating the resource planning and status, and reporting to Department Manager;



  • At least 4-5 years experiences of 2D/3D game development using Unity/Cocos creator Engine or Web development;
  • Strong experience with Node.js / TypeScript / JavaScript language and framework;
  • Strong experience with RESTful / GraphQL APIs and system integrations;
  • Strong experience with SQL databases, and NoSQL;
  • Strong experience with Gitlab, Docker, Kunernetes, CI/CD and Unit testing;
  • Strong experience with AWS
  • Experience with React and React Native is a plus
  • Experience with scripting, textures, animation, particle systems, 3d assets, physics.
  • Experienced with iOS/Android/HTML5 platforms is a plus
  • Experienced with cloud platforms is a plus.
  • Experience implementing automated testing platforms and Unit tests is a plus.


  • Knowledge of C# & Javascript;
  • Knowledge in 3D mathematics (Linear algebra, arrays, vectors);
  • Knowledge of current game engines and tools (Unity/Cocos creator) or physics engines (Bullet/Physx/etc) is a plus;
  • Knowledge of Game Development is a plus;
  • Knowledge of WebGL and 3D Programming is a plus;
  • Knowledge of React Native, ThreeJS, PixiJS is a plus;
  • Knowledge of Shader Graph;
  • Knowledge of Editor Inspector;
  • Knowledge of computer graphics;
  • Knowledge and experience of Design Patterns;
  • Knowledge of native languages (Objective-C, Swift for iOS, Java for Android ) is a plus;
  • Knowledge with AR/VR/XR is a plus;
  • Good at Algorithm, Math and Physic;
  • Good at Code Creation;
  • Professional knowledge: multi-platforms, network programming computer science fundamentals in data structures and design patterns..., and any new technology/language implied by work-related technology evolution;
  • Very good at research and development;
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt new technical changes as per project need;
  • Strong awareness on AWS cloud platforms and on Web security (OWASP,..)


  • Autonomous and proactive attitude;
  • Flexibility to adapt to change;
  • Analytical and synthesis skills;
  • Results-oriented;
  • Excellent Communication skills;
  • Problem solving and open minded;
  • Writing readable code that is easily usable by others
  • Ability to work under high pressure
  • Ability to communicate clearly and share solutions with fellow team members;
  • Good communication on technical related topics;
  • Good understanding of training needs
  • Inspire and develop team members


  • Passion at Game Creation;
  • Teamwork, sense of responsibility and result-oriented and deadline commitment;
  • Highly responsible and committed to all technical matters;
  • Strong team spirit
  • Commitment and Sense of responsibility;
  • Meticulousness & quality oriented;
  • Structured, result-oriented working approach
  • Open-minded: Demonstrate flexibility of thinking and accept positives feedbacks from others for improvement;
  • Self-disciplined: demonstrate strong motivation and passion at work;
  • Team work: Cooperate with team members and actively provide support;
  • Excellent communication skill and good understanding of training needs for each BU;
  • Good at research and development skill – Be constantly up-to-date of new technologies and tools;
  • Stay on top of the technical trends and proactively propose new idea and improve for the team / division
  • Actively sharing know-how related to their field; learning from members of the studio's other teams and coaching certain members of other teams

Additional Information

Why join the Gameloft universe?

  • Because you want to be part of an exceptional experience, within a company that is constantly growing!
  • Because you want to work with talented people who are industry pioneers!
  • Because you want to join a global company and meet great people around the world from all walks of life.
  • Or, just because you’re looking for a great place to work!

What we offer

  • Exciting diversity with our talents from around the world
  • Recognition and rewards based on your performance
  • Creative, modern and open working place
  • Continuous and professional training to fully develop your potential
  • Work hard, play hard and enjoy various activities
  • Health check-up annually

We can’t wait to find our next great talent!

  • Please submit your CV, cover letter or portfolio (if applicable)
  • Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted and your CV will be saved in our files for a period of 6 months.